How Can We Support a New Ukraine? Hear Directly From Its Business Sector

3.15.2023, 10:00AM

Amid continued Russian attacks, Ukraine’s private sector is a driving force behind the country’s war efforts and visions for reconstruction, providing vital services and leadership. The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has been in Ukraine for 30 years and its Kyiv-based staff remains there to work closely with CIPE’s network of thousands of businesses, which represent nearly every sector in every region.

Listen to this event from Wednesday, March 15 with Ukraine’s business leaders, as they discuss the private sector’s crucial efforts to help Ukraine defend itself and assist its citizens.

They answer questions about the current operating environment and articulate short-term and long-term private sector priorities for reconstruction, as well as their vision for a new Ukraine. As essential parts of the economy, Ukraine’s businesses must have an amplified voice in planning and policymaking. Please join us to hear their insights and call to action.

The event begins with a brief video on the Ukrainian private sector efforts during wartime. The panel discussion is conducted in English and translations will be made available afterward for those who request them.

Featured Speakers

Featured speakers include Kateryna Glazkova from the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs, Andrii Dykun from the Ukrainian Agrarian Council, and Nadiia Bedrychuk from the Ukrainian Direct Selling Association.

CIPE Europe and Eurasia Director Natalia Otel Belan moderates, with CIPE Chairman Greg Lebedev delivering opening remarks.