2022 in Review: CIPE’s Women’s Business Resource Center in Guatemala

Gabriela Cahuex

2022 was a year full of opportunities and challenges for women in Guatemala who face obstacles ranging from personal and professional development hurdles to violence and femicide. For that reason, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has committed to working on gender issues to foster the development of a more supportive environment for women in Guatemala. CIPE’s projects have made strides towards a more just, inclusive society and pushed the needle on long-awaited changes for Guatemalan businesswomen. However, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Corali beneficiaries participating in workshops.

CIPE’s mission is to support global change for women while promoting democracy and market-led solutions. CIPE’s Women’s Business Resource Center (“WBRC” or “Corali”) in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala is a leading example of CIPE’s work empowering women. With support from the United States Department of State and the National Network of Manager’s Groups (RNGG), CIPE launched Corali in November 2021 and began courses in February of 2022. After a year in operation, the center has already demonstrated its importance and impact in the community.

Corali offers three flagship entrepreneurship programs (Emprende Mujer, Mujer Empresaria, and Mujer Extraordinaria) that provide training, assistance, and technical advice to businesswomen in Quetzaltenango. Since the launch, the center has hosted 514 activities for 369 women, who largely identify as indigenous and from rural areas of the country. Corali’s programs focus on transforming the local ecosystem into a more inclusive space that nurtures opportunity, personal development, and a more representative economy. Corali provides additional services such as psychological assistance, legal rights training, networking opportunities, and childcare.

What’s Next for Corali in 2023?

Emprende Mujer participants at the Seed Capital competition 2022.

Corali seeks to support the holistic growth of the businesswomen and entrepreneurs who participate in the programs. In 2023, Corali will continue to empower women entrepreneurs by supporting their economic empowerment and utilizing the lessons learned to improve the center’s programs.

The Corali team includes six professionals who are committed to the success of each beneficiary and activity that the center offers. The beneficiaries showcase remarkable strength, resilience, and perseverance and have shared their stories as a benchmark of progress for Corali, Guatemala, and women everywhere. Thanks to Corali’s activities, the team has forged new relationships with private institutions, the public sector, and civil society which work together to increase the economic inclusion and quality of life for women in Quetzaltenango and the country.

Corali beneficiaries participating in workshops.

Corali’s success would not be possible without the collaboration between CIPE, the National Network of Management Groups (RNGG), and the support of the U.S. Department of State. Each entity demonstrates its commitment to supporting women and championing Corali’s work. Corali will continue to impact the lives of families, create a more inclusive society, and transform the entrepreneurial ecosystem that limited economic development in the past. Continuing down this path means 2023 will be another year of improving the lives of women, including businesswomen, entrepreneurs, mothers, daughters, sisters and their families. We invite everyone to join this initiative and be a part of the change happening in Guatemala.

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Adapted to English by: Noemi Wilson
Images by CIPE partner Red Nacional de Grupos Gestores; used with permission.

Published Date: March 03, 2023