Citizen Journalism is Gaining Momentum in Pakistan

Workshop participants in Karachi (right) and Lahore (left).

“If you’re going to fall out of love with public approval, something interesting will happen: people will be deeply attracted to your work.”Jeff Goins

Social media has transformed the debate around democracy and access to information in Pakistan by giving citizens and activists the power to write about topics that are impossible to cover in the traditional media. To help support the voice of these new citizen journalists, CIPE Pakistan organized blogger training workshops on June 15 and June 29 in Karachi and Lahore.

Forty-three participants, mostly younger people, were taken through the process of creating blogs to publicly voice their opinion on issues such as corruption, women’s issues, entrepreneurship, and corporate citizenship. The event activities can be followed on Twitter with the hashtag #Pakbloggers and on Facebook at

Participants learned tools and techniques for effective blogging that can easily reach the masses. They learned about the importance of blogging; the challenges and technical issues associated with it; CIPE themes such as corruption, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and women’s issues; and how to use social media effectively in this modern age. The presentation is available at

The participants were highly motivated to cover important issue, particularly corruption and the geopolitical situation, resulting in the development of the following blogs:

Geo Politics in South Asia and MENA

Enough!!!! Views on Women Issues around the Globe!

Take a Leap! A blog to Discuss Corruption Issues and Anti-Corruption Measures

Feminist Me

Lady UnderCover

Participants were of the view that these workshops helped them to better spread and market their ideas over social media. Topics covered so far on these blogs include:

These self-motivated bloggers are determined to unleash their potential to create notable examples of citizen journalism in Pakistan – provided they continue to update their blogs regularly!



4 responses to “Citizen Journalism is Gaining Momentum in Pakistan

  1. Shabbir H. Kazmi

    I was the oldest participant and all others were source of inspiration for me. I have been reading their blogs, which are good but can be improved by focusing on fewer topics and improving the content. This will certainly help in developing clouts, a must for ushering change. Special thanks to CIPE for enabling people to communicate with larger number of listeners, who are not happy with mainstream media.

  2. The blog truly represent the ideas, which we the bloggers who attended the session CIPE had arranged for us and it completely gave me a productive way to express my feelings towards the crucial issues the country is facing these days. I particularly found my self to explore a niche for my blogs which can sound creative enough to be contributed to the society for the betterment and that was to write about the Corruption issues. So thank you soo much to the whole team of CIPE for giving me the opportunity to discover the anti corruption measures in our state.

  3. A very nice explanation of the change being brought about by the efforts of CIPE. I liked the idea of hyperlinking the blogs of the participants as it will give the readers a proper idea about what this workshop was all about :)

  4. Susan Marie

    Excellent work bhai and what a needed and productive outlet and summit.