Maha N. Hashem

Senior Program Coordinator, Egypt

Maha Hashem is a Senior Program Coordinator for CIPE Egypt. She has more than thirty years of experience in contracts and procurement with multi-national corporations, US organizations, and NGOs most notably the Bilateral Fulbright Commission postgraduate studies exchange program and General Dynamics Services Company. Maha is acquainted with U.S. Government federal regulations, USAID rules and regulation as well as other multinational donors as it relates to project financing, procurement regulations, project implementation, and deliverables as well as the procurement’s best practices. Her experience working with CIPE Egypt exceeding fifteen years enhanced her capacity and skills in handling the contracts and procurement transactions ensuring compliance with CIPE’s standard policies and procedures in abidance with U.S federal regulations. In addition, Maha is responsible for CIPE’s events management of diversified nature and requirements to fulfill the program’s activities and deliverables. During the last five years, Maha is assigned the responsibility of monitoring and evaluating Egypt’s program outputs and tracking its impact to meet the program’s evaluation plan. Maha holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Cairo University.