Izabela Chmielewska

Program Manager 

Izabela Chmielewska is a new Program Manager at CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center (ACGC). She will lead the Rapid Response portfolio, focusing on interventions to curb corruption during open windows of opportunity. Prior to joining CIPE, she served as the Program Manager at Global Integrity, primarily contributing to the Global Integrity Anti-Corruption and Evidence (GI-ACE) programme and the Open Gov Hub.

Izabela’s overall experience encompasses public policy and international development, with an MPP from UCLA and previous work on social protection programs at the World Bank. She was born in the Polish city of Warsaw, a place of resilience and transformation. Her roots have given her strong faith in human progress, and her immigrant experience inspired her to think globally. She is excited to continue her collaborative career journey at CIPE.