Iola Tamtu

Deputy Country Director, Papua New Guinea

Iola Tamtu is from East New Britain and New Ireland Provinces in Papua New Guinea. She grew up on Bougainville Island and the volcanic town of Rabaul. Iola completed her secondary school education in Brisbane, Australia and then went on to gain Diploma qualifications in Arts (PNG Studies) and Management from Divine Word University, the leading tertiary institution in the country. Most recently Iola worked for the New Ireland Provincial Administration as the Director Subsidy and then later taking up the role as Director Community Development.

Iola also has experience working in the areas of Hospitality, Aviation, Law & Justice, Sports Administration, Construction and Development. In her free time, Iola enjoys time out with her family & friends, volunteering, playing sports, reading & writing, cooking, and travelling. Fun Fact: Iola speaks two (2) PNG native languages, Kuanua and Susurunga languages (in addition to English and Tok Pisin!).