Gender Gap Assessment in Male- and Female-Dominated Industries: Construction and Textile Manufacturing in Colombia

Case Studies

This research by the Business Alliance for Gender Equity in Antioquia, Colombia, provides empirical evidence to improve gender equity in the region’s business sector. The study aims to provide clear areas for private sector intervention in the country and elsewhere to improve gender equity. Since 2021, CIPE’s partner and Business Alliance member, EAFIT University, has collected data on gender equity in Antioquia. This effort has helped identify current gender gaps and led to the publication of guides and research on how companies can integrate gender equity initiatives. One of the recurring themes in this research has been the participation and leadership of women in different economic sectors. In 2023 EAFIT University combined research with workshops, interviews, and focus groups to carry out two gender gap assessments, one in a male-dominated sector (construction) and one in a female-dominated sector (textile manufacturing) in Colombia. The study presents data about women’s participation in these two industries to identify gaps, challenges, and actions that can be taken to improve gender equity.

Published Date: December 01, 2023