Report on Women in Technology, 2021

11.08.2021 | Case Studies | CIPE

In support of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Week, as well as November 19 – Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – the Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment and CIPE’s Slovakia office, are pleased to publish the results of a recent study on women in technology conducted by partner organization, Female Algorithm.

The report maps the situation of women within the Slovak technology industry with a focus on the Košice Region. Combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, it paints a complex picture of the gender and salary gap in five specific ICT roles and barriers female employees face.

This report uncovers differences between the situation in the Košice and Bratislava Regions and between the realities faced by male and female employees. It finds that mothers and childless female employees have different managerial experiences, and identifies unconscious bias and work settings as the main barriers companies should address. Finally, it offers practical research-based recommendations for creating more equal work conditions in which all employees can thrive.