Democracy that Delivers #362: Building Inclusive Job Markets, with Profesia

Anna Kompanek |

Anna Podlesna, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Profesia, joins Anna Kompanek, CIPE’s Director of Global Programs, to discuss the impact of Profesia’s work in the disabilities sphere. Profesia was founded in 1997 in Slovakia and currently hosts the biggest job portal in the country. Profesia has since expanded beyond Slovakia and has received many awards for its achievements in providing employment resources that are uniquely tailored towards people with disabilities.
In 2022, Podlesna received recognition when she was featured in the Map of Social Innovators (a creation of the Pontis Foundation and international organization Ashoka) because of her work empowering underrepresented groups. In this episode, Podlesna and Kompanek discuss Profesia’s approach to assisting jobseekers with disabilities. They also discuss trends in inclusive hiring in recent years.

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Published Date: March 23, 2023