Democracy That Delivers #227: Forestry Compliance with Alfredo Rodriguez

Michele Crymes |

In this episode of CIPE’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center podcast series, we are joined by Alfredo Rodriguez, the Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator for the Timber Regulation Enforcement Exchange (TREE) program within the Forest Policy, Trade, and Finance Initiative. Based in South Korea, he facilitates the coordination between the program and the Asia Pacific network and liaises with governments and key actors, while reporting policy development and implementation processes of relevant regional initiatives focused on tackling the trade in illegally harvested timber and forest products.

Since 2012, Forest Trends and Chatham House have been working with officials from EU Member States and US Lacey enforcement agencies, to further understanding of complex high-risk supply chains for wood products and support coordinated implementation of the EU Timber Regulation and US Lacey Act. These two workstreams have merged into a process called the Timber Regulation Enforcement Exchange (TREE), an ongoing series of networking and information-sharing meetings. Alfredo is the coordinator for this program with Forrest Trends and will give us insight into the importance of forestry supply chain compliance and help us understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the forestry industry.

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Published Date: October 14, 2020