Democracy that Delivers #121: FHI 360’s Phil Psilos Presents The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability

Marc Schleifer, Ken Jaques |
From left: Podcast guest Phil Psilos, co-host Marc Schleifer, and host Ken Jaques

On the latest Democracy that Delivers podcast, FHI 360’s Phil Psilos talks about “The Atlas of Innovation for Economic Stability”. Psilos is the non-profit organization’s Asia-Pacific Technical Director for Economic Development and Innovation. Along with host Ken Jaques, and guest host Marc Schleifer, he highlights key entrepreneurial processes, new mobile technologies, and data-driven tools that are fostering stability in fragile and emerging economies. Psilos shares his favorite stories about dozens of innovation projects around the world and explains how his research on entrepreneurial inclusion has progressed over the years.

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Published Date: June 26, 2018