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Andrew Wilson in Reuters BreakingViews: Benefits of the TFA

03.24.2017 | CIPE in News | Andrew Wilson
Tools of trade This article originally appeared in Reuters breakingviews, and is written by Andrew Wilson. The escalating war on globalization is causing collateral damage. Politicians increasingly blame the economic problems confronting large sections of the American population on trade deals. Rath...

CIPE Expert quoted in US News & World Report

05.12.2017 | CIPE in News | Maiko Nakagaki
The Dangers of a Not-So Neutral ‘Net Moves by the U.S. are the latest among countries fueling anxiety over online privacy and access. This piece originally appeared in U.S. News and World Report, and was written by Assistant Managing Editor Kevin Drew. British comedian and talk show host John...

CIPE discusses Women’s Entrepreneurship in Bustle

05.24.2017 | CIPE in News
Saudi Arabia & The UAE Are Throwing Money At Their Women’s Rights Problem This article originally appeared in Bustle and is written by Alexandra Spychalsky. Earlier this week, in the midst of Donald Trump’s Middle East trip, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates announced that t...

CIPE Partner UNACOIS Meeting with Senegalese President

09.05.2017 | CIPE in News |
UNACOIS, CIPE’s longtime partner, made national headlines in Senegal in July, when it hosted a policy forum with Senegal’s President Macky Sall and other key government representatives. UNACOIS members from all regional chapters, as well as from the association’s youth and women’s sections, ...

Abdulwahab Alkebsi interviewed in PBS segment on Yemen

11.13.2017 | CIPE in News | Abdulwahab Alkebsi |
A brutal, three-year civil war in Yemen has drawn in regional and global powers, led to the fastest growing cholera epidemic and, perhaps soon, famine. A Saudi coalition is lifting a recent blockade on the country after aid groups warned it would trigger a humanitarian disaster, but millions remain ...

CIPE Report on “Corrosive Capital” cited in The Hill

02.02.2018 | CIPE in News
Beyond sanctions: On Russia policy, Congress should focus on new tools This opinion piece originally appeared in The Hill, and is written by Edoardo Saravalle. The Trump administration shocked observers by not imposing new Russia-related sanctions by a January 29 deadline. This decision came on the ...

CIPE Chairman Gregori Lebedev Op-Ed in Diplomatic Courier

03.22.2018 | CIPE in News | Gregori Lebedev
An Epidemic of Intolerance: Global Threats to Freedom of Expression This piece was originally published in the Diplomatic Courrier. The 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris and a free speech meeting at a Danish café are unfortunate memories that we’d like to forget. But, what we hopefully lear...

On populism and situation in Poland – An interview with Marek Tatala

05.24.2018 | CIPE in News
An Interview with CIPE partner Marek Tatala, the Executive President and Economist at the Civil Development Forum Foundation in Warsaw, Poland. He has degrees in Political Science and Economics from the University of Bristol, England and the Warsaw School of Economics. He is a graduate of the Atlas...
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