Shaping Investment Security Policy: A Guide for Business Associations

5.25.2023, 9:00AM

Governments are increasingly relying on public policy tools to manage geoeconomic risk, including investment screening mechanisms to thwart foreign “corrosive capital” that can weaken democracies. Yet much of the private sector remains unclear how to navigate the changing environment or give input that will meaningfully shape regulatory policy. Among the many challenges cited by businesses: insufficient information and concerns about protectionism for political gain.

At this one-hour virtual event, CIPE and colleagues will flag new insights and research about emerging trends in investment screening design across Europe. And CIPE will officially launch the first-ever “playbook” of its kind to guide associations and chambers of commerce in efforts to advocate for changes. The booklet includes lessons learned and key recommendations shared by dozens of business groups across the European Union during interviews facilitated by BusinessEurope.

Featured Speakers

Sarah Bauerle Danzman, PhD

Author & Associate Professor of International Studies at the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies at Indiana University

Steffen Hindelang

CELIS Institute
Director and Co-Founder

Sofia Bournou

Senior Adviser

Andrew Wilson

CIPE Executive Director
Welcome Remarks

Jeff Lightfoot

CIPE Europe Program Director