Research Unbound Series: How do Businesses Cope with Hybrid Regimes? The Case of Hungary

4.28.2022, 10:00AM

About the Event

Over the past decade, Hungary’s ruling party, Alliance of Young Democrats–Hungarian Civic Union (Fidesz) has initiated a series of legal and constitutional changes that have undermined the EU’s fundamental values and the independence of key institutions and freedom of speech. The country’s hybrid regime has mounted a direct challenge to the Western model of market economy and private enterprise.

In this webinar, Jozsef Peter Martin, Ph.D., presented his paper on state-business relations and the controversial nature of the business environment and democracy in Hungary. The discussion addressed key issues related to state intervention in the country’s economy, the erosion of competitive free markets, and the strategic implications of the April 3 elections on the overall economic and political freedom in Hungary.

About the Speaker

József Péter Martin, PhD

József Péter Martin, PhD, is an executive director of Transparency International (TI) Hungary and external senior lecturer at the Institute of Economic and Public Policy at Corvinus University of Budapest. Prior to joining TI in 2013, he worked as a journalist for 15 years, and was chief editor of the Hungarian business weekly ’Figyelő’ from 2003 to 2009. He is the author of more than three dozen academic publications and is a regular contributor to various domestic and international publications.