COVID-19 and Corruption: Exploring Corruption Risks in the Health Sector

5.27.2020, 9:00AM

About this Event

Please listen to this discussion on corruption in the health sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. The risks associated with the health sector are not only unique, but extreme as individuals’ lives are endangered as a direct result of corrupt dealings. The current emergency has exacerbated risks in developing countries as public spending on health has increased significantly with the volume and speed of procurement for COVID-19 related medical supplies. Moreover, the spread of disinformation concerning treatment is a chief impediment to implementing effective emergency responses. This discussion tackles how COVID-19 is affecting corruption risks within the health sector, what has worked in the past to mitigate similar kinds of risks, and what new innovations are needed moving forward.


Mostafa Hunter – UNDP, Senior Anti-Corruption Consultant
Sarah Steingrüber – Global Health Consultant, Sarah Steingrüber Consulting
Timothy Mackey – Associate Adjunct Professor, Global Health Program, UC San Diego

This event, is introduced by CIPE Executive Director Andrew Wilson, and is part of an ongoing series, COVID-19 and Corruption, organized by the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center.