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CIPE Partner Organizations in MENA Fight COVID-19

It is a strangely positive time at CIPE, not because there is anything good about COVID-19, but because we feel we can be so useful. In a way, this is the reason CIPE exists: to support partners to participate in civil society and address the problems they face. And there has rarely been a bigger p...

Businesses Collaborate to Fight COVID-19 in Sfax, Tunisia

Tunisia’s business associations were already strongly advocating macro-economic reforms to improve the business environment when COVID-19 struck, making the economic struggle even more complicated. No one knows how long this pandemic will last, but what is clear is that the economic impact and hum...

Entrepreneurship Profiles – Connecting Across Communities and Cultures

Connecting Across Communities and Cultures   “The Cuisine of LIFE” Since 2011, the Syrian Civil War has forced than 5.6 million people to flee the country, with 3.6 million in Turkey. In light of this massive influx of refugees, Turkey is in need of durable, innovative solutions that create...

The SME Governance Guidebook

What would lead Slim Othmani, CEO of a mid-size, family-owned food manufacturing firm in Algeria, to adopt corporate governance practices? What would it mean for his company’s growth, investor relations, and family relations? For Othmani, his motivations to adopt new practices were about managing ...

Working towards Peace in Conflict and Post-Conflict Regions

Every September 21 the United Nations celebrates its International Day of Peace to highlight progress being made towards a more harmonious world.   But while we celebrate, there is no shortage of conflict around the world, and certain countries remain less stable than others. Recently, homicide...

Women’s Economic Participation in Jordan

  Jordan has made great strides toward gender equality, especially with an education system that ensures equal access for men and women. As a result, Jordan has a highly educated female population. According to Jordan’s Department of Statistics, 93 percent of females aged 15 years and older ...

Tunisia: The Country of Unconditional Gender Equality

  Tunisia is a rapidly growing and changing country. However, as a Tunisian woman, economist, and university professor I believe that women in my country are an underutilized economic asset. Despite the emancipation of Tunisian women in 1956, we continue to fight to assert ourselves as stakeho...
497 Items