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Helping to Ease the Pandemic in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest economies in the world and around 20% of Nepalese continue to languish in poverty. The ongoing pandemic has fueled this crisis further and crippled the economy and livelihood of many. Since the government doesn’t have the ability to address all present needs of the peop...

Help Small Businesses to Keep Helping Us

Small businesses will have an indispensable role in vitalizing the US economy after COVID-19. Nearly two-thirds of net job growth and 44% of American economic activity comes from small businesses, which can serve as an indication of how well the economy is performing. When recessions hit, small busi...

Supporting Women in the Informal Sector in Jigjiga, Ethiopia

In Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State, the economy is driven by the informal sector. In Jigjiga – the regional state’s capital and the major city along the border of Ethiopia and Somalia – informal business is the main source of employment and income for a considerable number of women, particu...

CIPE Launches Youth Leadership Program

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the struggle is far from over. That’s especially true in places that lack the resources and capacity to properly address the crisis. As the planet is rolling out vaccines, those without access may fall into extreme poverty, which is expected to reach 15...

Addressing Policy Gaps in Informal Sector Growth in Ethiopia

Nearly one-sixth of Ethiopia’s urban employment is reportedly in the informal sector as of 2020. While it hasn’t been measured yet, that figure is likely much higher today. The current rise in informal sector employment is due to a variety of factors, many of which were exacerbated by the COVID-...

Three County Chambers Highlight CIPE’s Centers of Excellence program in Kenya

In Kenya, with the devolution of government, county chambers of commerce are playing an increasingly important role in serving and advocating on behalf of small businesses. Several years ago, CIPE sought to find out which county chambers among Kenya’s 47 counties demonstrated the greatest pote...

CIPE and Its Partners Are Acting to Mitigate Corruption Risks in Latin America

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) partners with a network of leading think tanks in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico to improve the management of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in Latin America to mitigate corruption risks. At the heart of this initiative, which has been in place s...

Проблемы договорных отношений: казахская предпринимательница о незащищенных законом партнерских договорах

This post is also available in English. Из неудачи можно вынести ценный урок. Зарина Бекболат, предприниматель из Казахстана, убедилась в этом лично, когда отказалась от стабильной ...
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