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The Power of Local Ownership in Countering Violent Extremism in the Sahel

The United Nations Security Council is reviewing new concerns about security and terrorism in the Sahel, and the region is a key focus of the United States’ new Africa strategy announced by Ambassador John Bolton in December. Bolton underscored the link between the stagnation of economic progress...

Top 5 2018 Democracy That Delivers Podcasts

12.24.2018 |
This week on Democracy That Delivers, we highlight our top 5 most listened to podcasts of 2018. Thank you for listening, and we look forward to creating more content for your listening interest and curiosity in 2019. Join us again January 2nd, 2019!   #1: “Democracy that Delivers #98: How...

Democracy That Delivers #138: CIPE Impact-2018 Year in Review

12.18.2018 |
Go around the globe in 30 minutes with Democracy That Delivers host Ken Jaques and three emerging leaders at CIPE: Victoria Tellechea-Rotta, Max Scherzer, and Tracey Fung. The Program Assistants share insight about top CIPE programs and innovations during 2018, as well as information about new ende...

Sustainability of Peace in Colombia Depends on Responsible Business Investment

In the two years since Colombia’s Congress ratified a peace treaty between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), thereby ending the longest-running insurgency in Latin America, some positive signs have emerged. Thousands of FARC members have turned in their arms. So...

G-20 Summit: Finding Solutions to Corruption

World leaders are gathering in Buenos Aires, Argentina for G20 meetings intended to center around a theme of “Building Consensus for Fair and Sustainable Development.” The host country and President Mauricio Macri face no shortage of challenges in achieving this goal and  want to be a case stud...

Democracy That Delivers #135: Sister Institutes Working for Women’s Empowerment

11.27.2018 |
This week on Democracy That Delivers, host Ken Jaques is joined by three guests with a strong and diverse background in women’s issues and programming. Valerie Dowling, the Director of the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) Women’s Democracy Network, Barbara Langley, CIPE’s Director...

OpEd: The Biggest Threat to Democracy No One is Talking About

This Op-Ed originally appeared in The Diplomatic Courier.   A tide of corrosive capital has swept the world over the past decade. Public and private money from authoritarian states has been flowing into fragile democracies and emerging markets. Like water flowing through cracked concrete, many ...

Corrosive Capital in Central Asia: Perpetuating Poor Governance

This blog was originally published on Power 3.0. Situated between Russia and China, the leaders of Central Asia have had to balance their young countries’ political interests with strong historic and economic ties to Russia and increasing commercial ties to a rapidly developing and internationally...

When Governance is Not Government

Ahead of CIPE’s event on November 1st, Governance is Not Just Government: The Importance of Self-Regulation in Development, long-time CIPE partner Richard O’Sullivan shares his experience on the importance of self-regulation to foster increased transparency and accountability in order to...
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