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Diversity and Inclusive Culture Step-by-Step

In today’s complex world, diversity and inclusion (D&I) is increasingly becoming a focus area for companies aspiring to strengthen their cultures. The COVID-19 pandemic in particular – and the Great Resignation it fueled in countries such as the U.S. – has highlighted how crucial it is to ...

Democracy that Delivers #351: Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

11.30.2022 |
Jackline Lidubwi, Project Lead at Internews Kenya, joins Anna Kompanek, Director for CIPE’s Global Programs, to talk about inclusion of persons with disabilities, specifically those in developing countries. Jackline Lidubwi is a multi-award winning disability media activist, media trainer, an...

Inspiring the Next Generation of Builders and Dreamers

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) provides an opportunity to both salute and inspire business innovation that drives change and transforms communities. “Entrepreneurs are more than optimists. They are natural leaders made for uncertain times and big problems like the ones we face today,” says ...

Beyond Time and Cost Savings: The True Value of Trusted Trader Programmes

Trusted Trader Programmes Businesspeople constantly criticise government bureaucracy, but complaints reach a crescendo when it comes to Customs’ regulation. Successful supply chain management hinges on the ability of border agencies to keep pace with the ebb and flow of global trade. Over the past...

Democracy that Delivers #348: A Conversation with UkraineInvest

11.03.2022 |
Sergiy Tsivkach, CEO of UkraineInvest, joins Eric Hontz, Director of CIPE’s Center for Accountable Investment, to learn more about UkraineInvest, specifically during a critical moment in Ukraine’s history. UkraineInvest is a government institution providing investors with support suc...

Trade Facilitation as a Tool to Combat Inflation

If the adage ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ holds true, then we must be heading into some pretty utilitarian times in the global economy. Signs everywhere point to a possible global recession, abetted by a rise in interest rates in the United States that has pushed the value of the dollar...

Democracy that Delivers #347: Pioneering Beneficial Ownership Reform in Armenia

10.20.2022 |
From Armenia, Shushan Doydoyan, president of the Freedom of Information Center, and Lilya Afrikyan, coordinator for the Prime Minister’s Office of Open Government Partnership, join the Anti-Corruption & Governance Center podcast this week to discuss the challenges and successes Armen...

New Calls for Change Amid Protests Over Iran Death

Iran’s Islamic regime is facing significant public protests and shows of outrage over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. She is believed to have died at the hands of morality police who accused her of violating strict laws requiring head coverings. The incident has gained worldwide attention ...
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