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Making Trade Simpler and Faster

Making trade simpler and faster will allow more people to participate in their economies. As a joint leader of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, CIPE is supporting major reforms in Asia, Africa and Latin America to make trade more accessible to everyone. Among the many recent Alliance publ...

What Will It Take To Rebuild Ukraine?

Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery costs are the focus of a new report released jointly with the government by the World Bank, the United Nations, and The European Union. The assessment focuses on humanitarian and economic needs, as well as what it will take to rebuild once Russia’s war on U...

Chambers and Associations Outlook

As CIPE embarks on its 40th year of service to chambers of commerce and business associations around the world, we pause to look at the tremendous challenges and opportunities for business membership organizations that lie ahead. Here are some of the top issues and trend lines that stand out. Bravin...

Associativity and Sorority: Key Elements for Strengthening Women’s Businesses

Economic Inclusion for Women in Central America The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) is committed to promoting economic inclusion for women in Central America by supporting women’s business associations and creating spaces for women to share knowledge, resources, and experiences....

Guatemala Success Stories: Video Interviews with Corali Participants

Guatemala Success Stories: Video Interviews with Corali Participants CIPE and its partner the Red Nacional de Grupos Gestores (RNGG) are proud to manage a Women’s Business Resource Center (“WBRC” or “Corali”) in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala that addresses economic gender disparities and suppo...

Democracy that Delivers #362: Building Inclusive Job Markets, with Profesia

03.23.2023 |
Anna Podlesna, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Profesia, joins Anna Kompanek, CIPE’s Director of Global Programs, to discuss the impact of Profesia’s work in the disabilities sphere. Profesia was founded in 1997 in Slovakia and currently hosts the biggest job portal in ...

CIPE’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Work in Central and Eastern Europe

03.20.2023 |
One of the key issues facing democracies today is the issue of economic inclusion to ensure democracy delivers for all. The Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment and CIPE’s Europe office in Slovakia support democratically–oriented business leaders within the wider Europe region to stren...

Voices from the Field: Reflections from Dr. Fatma Habboubi

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) recently sat down with one of its team members working on the SAHA Project, an initiative that aims to reduce corruption in the healthcare sector in Tunisia. Dr. Fatma Habboubi discussed her professional background, the SAHA project, and the rol...

CIPE Launches Women’s Empowerment Centers for Azerbaijan

Women’s entrepreneurship and active participation in the workforce are fundamental factors of inclusive economic growth, and essential drivers of societal health and wealth. However, in Azerbaijan, women comprise only 21% of individual entrepreneurs, and women in the workplace are mostly concentra...

2022 in Review: CIPE’s Women’s Business Resource Center in Guatemala

2022 was a year full of opportunities and challenges for women in Guatemala who face obstacles ranging from personal and professional development hurdles to violence and femicide. For that reason, the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has committed to working on gender issues to fos...

Resumen de 2022: El Centro de Formación Empresarial para Mujeres

El 2022 fue un año de oportunidades y retos a enfrentar en materia de género en Guatemala, pese a que las mujeres representan más del 50% de la población en general, aún enfrentan inequidades y desigualdades en todos los ámbitos de desarrollo personal y profesional, sumado a ello un panorama d...

Land Reform and Property Rights: A Key to Prosperity

As the global population surpasses 8 billion and concerns of crises driven by climate change and a resurgence of authoritarianism increase, it is more important now than ever to understand how property and land play a role in countries’ efforts to democratize. In January 2023, a report titled “P...
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