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SME Survival During & Post-Pandemic

05.21.2020 |
On May 14th – 15th, CIPE collaborated with CIPE’s Business Integrity and Compliance Partner, Rainbow Consult based in Accra, Ghana to organize a 2-day SME Survival & Recovery bootcamp. The bootcamp provided practical advice on how businesses can adapt to the changes and uncertainties in the ...

Democracy That Delivers #203: An Analysis of COVID-19 and Bangladesh

Dr. Ali Riaz is a well-known author, a Senior Non-Resident Fellow with the Atlantic Council, and a Distinguished Professor​ at the Department of Politics and Government of Illinois State University. He joins Regional Director John Morrell, and host Ken Jaques to discuss the economic impact of CO...

Democracy that Delivers #201: Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Nepal’s Economy

05.08.2020 |
Sujeev Shakya is the Founder CEO of beed (www.beed.com.np), a Nepal based international management consulting and financial advisory firm that works in Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Rwanda, and the US. He joins Regional Director John Morrell, and host Ken Jaques to discuss the economic im...

The Rise of Digital Economy: Silver Lining Amid COVID-19

Just as quickly as government-issued stay-at-home orders swept across the globe, citizens realized the vital role that internet access and the digital economy play in the time of crisis. The pandemic lends itself as a wake-up call on the importance of cultivating an inclusive digital space. E-c...

Democracy That Delivers #200: The LIFE Project Cookbook

05.04.2020 |
We celebrate Democracy That Deliver’s 200th podcast with a special episode just in time for Giving Tuesday 2020. We are joined by CIPE’s Marie Principe and the Stimson Center’s Johanna Mendelson-Forman for a behind the scenes look at CIPE’s very first cookbook “The Cui...

Six Essential Themes for an Economic Recovery Roadmap

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live and do business for the foreseeable future. Amid a rapidly evolving medical crisis, many countries are grappling with record unemployment figures, broken supply chains, and worries about limitations on personal freedoms. Governments and communities are t...

CIPE Partner Organizations in MENA Fight COVID-19

It is a strangely positive time at CIPE, not because there is anything good about COVID-19, but because we feel we can be so useful. In a way, this is the reason CIPE exists: to support partners to participate in civil society and address the problems they face. And there has rarely been a bigger p...

Democracy that Delivers #197: Keeping MSMEs Connected and in Business

How can we advocate forcefully to maintain a business enabling environment amid COVID-19, lockdowns, and changing rules? Associations and chambers of commerce affiliated with CIPE are providing new forms of leadership on this front, as well as services and information, to people around the world. C...

CIPE and Partners Respond to COVID-19

How We Are Providing Immediate Assistance and Developing Long-Term Strategies to Economic Challenges   We are in a time like no other. Not only are families around the world struggling with a massive health crisis, but the COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on the global economy t...

Businesses Collaborate to Fight COVID-19 in Sfax, Tunisia

Tunisia’s business associations were already strongly advocating macro-economic reforms to improve the business environment when COVID-19 struck, making the economic struggle even more complicated. No one knows how long this pandemic will last, but what is clear is that the economic impact and hum...

Theme of the Month

CIPE is highlighting Private Sector Leadership & Business Advocacy in April and throughout the COVID-19 crisis.   Business is the engine of every economy and the private sector is playing a crucial role in guiding governments worldwide on how to endure the COVID-19 pandemic impacting us all...

Advocating for Expanded Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs in Nepal

Across South Asia, many women entrepreneurs face several formal and informal obstacles that prevent them from participating fully in the economy. To address these challenges, CIPE supported the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs’ Association of Nepal (FWEAN) to better engage with its members and a...
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