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Corrosive Capital in Central Asia: Perpetuating Poor Governance

This blog was originally published on Power 3.0. Situated between Russia and China, the leaders of Central Asia have had to balance their young countries’ political interests with strong historic and economic ties to Russia and increasing commercial ties to a rapidly developing and internationally...

When Governance is Not Government

Ahead of CIPE’s event on November 1st, Governance is Not Just Government: The Importance of Self-Regulation in Development, long-time CIPE partner Richard O’Sullivan shares his experience on the importance of self-regulation to foster increased transparency and accountability in order to...

The Road to Association Excellence

  This article was originally published in Multi-Briefs.   “Are we the best we can be?” It’s a question boards and association executives should contemplate. There are many roads to excellence. Begin by considering what’s best for the association. Some programs focus on th...

Getting Africa’s Double Dividend to Deliver

This opinion piece was originally published in “The Hitch News.” When a photo of Ghanaian teacher Richard Appiah Akoto went viral last February, a world of social media outsiders were quick to comment on Mr. Akoto’s superhuman dedication to teaching. While it is easy to stop at the feel-good,...

Democracy that Delivers #127: Launch of Digital Economy Guidebook

10.02.2018 |
  This week, on Democracy that Delivers, CIPE’s Program Officer for Global Programs, Louisa Tomar, joins hosts Ken Jaques and Pamela Kelley-Lauder to discuss the upcoming launch of a new Digital Economy Guidebook (read now here!) co-authored by CIPE and New Markets Lab. Tomar provides some i...

Democracy that Delivers #126: Dr. Wenhong Chen on China’s Digital Economy

09.25.2018 |
Dr. Wenhong Chen, of the University of Texas at Austin, joins Catherine Tai, Program Officer for Asia and the Pacific, and host Ken Jaques in a lively discussion about the future of the technology industry in China. Chen discusses the Chinese strategy for recruiting global talent in the development...

Nonprofits Must Find Their Way in the Digital Economy

In many ways, nonprofits are left out of the global debate on the future of the digital economy. Nonprofits are not the ones creating the cutting-edge technology that drives the digital transformation of countries around the world. Faced with a scarcity of time and resources, most nonprofits also d...

A Smart Step to Push Economic Development in Lebanon

The following originally appeared on the American Task Force For Lebanon’s Blog following the delegation visit hosted by CIPE in Washington DC and Chicago, Illinois. In a break from the continuous concern with what’s not helping Lebanon, we recently hosted a delegation who presented some th...

Why There Is Still Hope for Democracy and the Economy in Myanmar

Thirty years ago, a popular pro-democracy movement took place across Myanmar in protest of economic hardship and military rule. The National League for Democracy (NLD) party and many prominent student leaders-turned-activists were born in the aftermath of the August 1988 People Uprising. On my firs...
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