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Effects of COVID-19 on Youth Entrepreneurs

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting almost everyone in one way or another. However, according to a report from The Brookings Institution,  the economic costs, social crises, and long-term effects of COVID-19 will fall disproportionately on young adults. Consider labor markets. The pandemic has impacte...

Internet Blackouts: Why They Are Harming Democracy and How to Push Back

In the digital age, an open and inclusive internet is central to fostering democratic and civic engagement. As communities around the globe increasingly rely on the internet to share and debate ideas, receive access to information, or conduct business, an open and inclusive internet helps promote ec...

PLCC-CIPE co-host Manila Forum on DEI

Capping off this year’s Pride Month and putting the spotlight on LGBTQI+ small business recovery efforts in the time of COVID-19, the Philippine LGBT Chamber of Commerce (PLCC) and Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) co-hosted the online event with the theme “Recover with Pride,&#...

CIPE Contest Winner Highlights the Influence of Associations in Africa

In Africa, there are more businesses run by women than men. But according to the World Bank, women entrepreneurs earn 34% less profits than men. This gap presents a unique opportunity for African business associations to cater to women entrepreneurs. As part of Women’s History Month, CIPE ran a co...

Property Rights and Democratic Development post-COVID

Why Property Rights Matter to Democratic Development COVID-19 created a global emergency on many levels, affecting already disadvantages social groups. As the UN Women site notes, there is now major concern that the pandemic and its impact will slow fragile progress on gender equality, including in...

Democracy that Delivers #269: Mapping the New Risk Landscape with John Arvanitis

07.08.2021 |
On this episode of Democracy that Delivers, our host Ken Jaques and co-host Lola Adekanye, CIPE Africa Team Senior Program Officer, are joined by John Arvanitis, a managing director in the Compliance Risk and Diligence practice of Kroll with almost three decades of experience in federal ...

Inaugural FEDN Conference Points to a Path Forward

As the pace of COVID vaccination increases, the pace of economic activity around the world should increase as well. This will present opportunities, but also challenges. How can we renew faith in and reliance on democracy and free markets as the planet transitions to a post-COVID world? To begin se...

Democracy That Delivers #267: LGBTQI+ Economic Empowerment with Angel Romero

06.29.2021 |
In honor of Pride Month 2021, our host Ken Jaques and CIPE’s Asia-Pacific Program Officer Gibson Haynes invite Angel Romero, the Director for Partnership & External Affairs of the Philippines LGBT Chamber of Commerce, to join the podcast. Our organizations’ partnership is CIPE’...

Helping to Ease the Pandemic in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poorest economies in the world and around 20% of Nepalese continue to languish in poverty. The ongoing pandemic has fueled this crisis further and crippled the economy and livelihood of many. Since the government doesn’t have the ability to address all present needs of the peop...

Help Small Businesses to Keep Helping Us

Small businesses will have an indispensable role in vitalizing the US economy after COVID-19. Nearly two-thirds of net job growth and 44% of American economic activity comes from small businesses, which can serve as an indication of how well the economy is performing. When recessions hit, small busi...
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