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Deadline extended until May 27, 2019! COMPLETE THE APPLICATION   ABOUT THE PROGRAM Democracy has always required the free flow of ideas. In the modern age, this means a free, open internet where all citizens can freely voice their opinions, share, and debate. Access to an open...

Democracy That Delivers #156: Alison Taylor from BSR on Stakeholder Engagement

05.14.2019 |
“Good sustainability performance means good financial performance,” says Alison Taylor. Alison Taylor, Managing Director for Sustainability Management at BSR, joins us on Democracy That Delivers to discuss what business for social responsibility is, with CIPE’s Anti-Corruption Governance Cent...

Democracy That Delivers #153: Jaime Arteaga on Why Peace is Good for Business

04.23.2019 |
In this Democracy That Delivers podcast, we are joined by partner Jaime Arteaga of Jaime Arteaga and Associates, and CIPE Regional Director for Latin America, John Zemko. Together they discuss their joint project with the Observatory, where an analysis has been developed on the private sector’...

Market Makers: How Senegal’s Informal Traders Are Getting Their Voices Heard

Amidst the bustling streets of Dakar, vibrant markets buzz with activity. Stalls are packed with mountains of peanuts and tomatoes, colorful fabrics, and dedicated traders eager to sell their goods. While the marketplace has remained a stable pillar of Senegal’s economy for decades, informal trad...

Women are the Key to Economic Opportunity in MENA

As women in the Middle East and North Africa lead efforts to advance economic opportunity in their countries, developing a greater understanding of economic reform to promote free markets through improved skills in advocacy becomes vital to their success.  To support these efforts, the Center for ...

LGBTI+ Rights and Corruption: What’s the Connection?

This blog originally appeared on CC Trends.    Global business leaders can reduce corruption and boost productivity by upholding LGBTI+ rights. Even with rapid progress on LGBTI+ rights in the last decade, 69 countries still criminalize same-sex relations and 155 lack anti-discrimination ...

Top 10 Economic Misconceptions in Serbia

A recent poll conducted by Serbian think tank Libertarian Club LIBEK reveals some alarming misconceptions among Serbia’s youth about its economy. The results show that public trust in the benefits of democracy and market economics is lower than previously thought. They reflect a global trend. In ...

CIPE Celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

Only with the equal participation of women in the economy can a country strengthen both its free market and democratic institutions.  Women own close to 10 million of the world’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and SMEs account for nearly 80 percent of jobs around the world. Women hol...

Amid Negotiations, Future of Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Still Uncertain

On February 28, over 700 Afghan women traveled from across the country to Kabul to take a stand for preserving women’s rights during ongoing peace negotiations between the United States and the Taliban. Gathered at a conference, women made their demands clear: there could be no peace without wome...

Lebanon Needs More Transparency of Foreign Aid Inflows

On January 31, following months of political gridlock, Lebanon formed a new government, led by Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Parliamentary elections were held for the first time in nearly a decade in May of 2018, and political factions had failed to agree to a new government in the ensuing months. No...
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