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Capturing Lessons on Becoming Resilient During Times of Crisi

Resilience, defined as the ability “to cope, survive, and recover from complex challenges and crises that represent stresses or pressures that can lead to a systemic failure,” is an essential component of sustainable democratic societies. In times of crisis, local private sector organizations he...

Five Lessons on Business-led Anti-corruption Interventions in Africa

Looking back five years since the formation of the Africa Business Integrity Network (ABIN), we are thrilled to share some success stories and instructive insights about how the network has become an essential part of a business-centered and business-led strategy to address corruption problems thro...

Democracy that Delivers #331: Emerging Leaders in Asia & the Pacific

06.15.2022 |
Nora Wheelehan and Kendra Brock from CIPE’s Asia & the Pacific team join their Deputy Regional Director, Catherine Tai, as well as co-host Zoe Watkins from the Communications department. This is the final episode of Democracy that Delivers’ “Emerging Leaders” mini-series...

Entrevistas sobre el Futuro del Trabajo en Latinoamérica

05.24.2022 |
El 25 de marzo del 2022, CIPE grabó dos entrevistas para destacar dos temas que formaron parte de la conferencia del Futuro del Trabajo en Latinoamérica. Junto con Santiago Laserna del Centro de Estudios de la Realidad Económica y Social (CERES) y Laurence Pantin de Mexico Evalúa se discutieron ...

Primer on Decentralization

Decentralization Over the last decades, development and democracy practitioners and theorists have worked to understand, and at times, implement decentralization. All countries have a degree of decentralized governance, but the extent to which a country’s government, administrative responsibiliti...

Democracy that Delivers #326: Emerging Leaders in Africa

05.11.2022 |
Imaobong Akpan-Ita and Adia Armstrong from CIPE’s Africa team join their Regional Director, Lars Benson, as well as co-hosts Zoe Watkins and Autumn Moore from the Communications Department. This is the latest episode of Democracy that Deliver’s “Emerging Leaders” mini-series...

Voices from the Field: Marwa Ben Abdallah

Interview with Marwa Ben Abdallah “Change is the factor that motivates me most, but it can be very slow,” says Marwa Ben Abdallah. During Marwa’s two years at CIPE, she has seen first-hand how slow yet meaningful change can be. As CIPE’s Tunisia Office Program Coordinator, she helps business...

Democracy that Delivers #323: Emerging Leaders in Global Programs

Adam Sachs and Leila Zarifi from CIPE’s own Global Programs department join co-hosts Autumn Moore and Zoe Watkins on Democracy that Delivers’ “Emerging Leaders” mini-series featuring up-and-coming change-makers. We explore their team’s unique mission to incubate solutions for uni...
2981 Items