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Democracy That Delivers #290: Women and Girls Empowered – Grameen Foundation

10.19.2021 |
Democracy that Delivers picks up the “Women and Girls Empowered” (WAGE) mini-series where the opening episode left off, spotlighting the women’s empowerment projects of the core partners of WAGE. In the second of these four episodes, our host Ken Jaques is joined by Grameen F...

CIPE congratulates Nobel Prize Winner Maria Ressa

CIPE is proud to have collaborated with Nobel Prize Winner Maria Ressa and her organization Rappler on amplifying civil society stakeholders’ voice in good governance. The Nobel Peace Prize is often awarded to someone who has spent many years promoting the cause of freedom, rather than someone wh...

CIPE Launches Online Hub for Anti-Corruption Rapid Response

The Anti-Corruption and Governance Center (ACGC) at the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) has a new Anti-Corruption Rapid Response website. The website will be a community hub for anti-corruption activists and thought leaders engaging in swift interventions during windows of opportu...

Advocating For a Better Economic Environment for Refugees

Refugee youth in Kakuma Refugee camp embody the endurance of the human spirit. A study carried out by the International Financial Corporation (IFC) in 2018 took a unique look at Kakuma Refugee Camp and its hosting environment from a market point of view, and measured its cumulative annual economic ...

How COVID is Impacting Business Continuity Plans in East Africa

East African SMEs’ Post-COVID Recovery: Exploring the Influence of Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) and the Role of Governments and Stakeholders East Africa is a younger region, with 80% of the population of 177 million people under the age of 35. Certain sectors in the region have demonstrate...

სოციალური მედია კეთილი მიზნებისთვის: Facebook -ის ეფექტური გამოყენებით CIPE ქართულ ბიზნესს შრომის ახალი კანონმდებლობის აღსრულებაში ეხმარება

დღესდღეობით გადატვირთული მედიასივრცის პირობებში,   სოციალური მედიის ეფექტური გამოყენება ძალიან მნიშვნელოვნი...

Getting to Know CIPE’s Paid Interns

CIPE’s Internship Program provides university students and recent graduates the opportunity to get involved in international development. The program, usually offered each semester, had a brief hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic but has since been revamped and brought back. To make the Interns...
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