Addressing Challenges for Women in Business in the Tech Industry, with Female Algorithm

CIPE’s partner Female Algorithm is a civic organization founded in 2020 in Kosice, Slovakia. The mission of the organization is to connect, motivate, and educate women in Slovakia in the areas of technology and leadership. Female Algorithm also spreads awareness about unconscious bias and the importance of diversity and inclusion; fosters discussion on gender issues; and builds bridges by connecting the non-profit sector with private companies and academia.  

CIPE partnered with Female Algorithm in 2021 and since then has worked with the organization to address challenges for women in business in the tech industry in Slovakia. In 2021, Female Algorithm organized an international conference that attracted almost 400 attendees. The conference was followed by research to map out the situation of women in the ICT sector in Slovakia. In 2022, Female Algorithm launched an online educational platform piloting a three-month long course for junior and aspiring women managers. Later in 2022, when the war in Ukraine started and the first waves of refugees started coming to Kosice, Female Algorithm expanded its focus to support Ukrainian women refugees with labor market integration.  

Watch the video to hear the story of Female Algorithm and its founder Lenka Hlinkova, as well as how cooperation with CIPE helped the organization achieve its goals. 

Published Date: March 20, 2023