Democracy that Delivers #357: Ukraine’s Integrity-Based Public Sales System, with Oleksii Sobolev

Oleksii Sobolev, Ukraine’s recently named Deputy Minister of Economy, is the guest on this week’s Anti-Corruption & Governance Center podcast. He discusses Ukraine’s much-lauded innovations in selling state and municipal property transparently through Prozorro.Sale, an electronic auction system that continues to operate in wartime. Speaking in January, when he was still the CEO of Prozorro.Sale, Sobolev discussed in detail the capacity of the system to ensure bid security, technical reliability, and non-interference in auctions. Listen now to hear Sobolev share how the platform connects to over 40 different e-commerce websites and stores all its information in a centralized and public database to allow citizens and businesses gain access to acquisition of unique assets owned by the state. This episode is hosted by Katya Lysova, Program Director for Europe & Eurasia who oversees CIPE’s business integrity programming in the region.

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