Democracy That Delivers #226: Innovations to Address the Pandemic and Assist in Economic Recovery

10.05.2020 |

We are joined by Laura Maclay, Program Associate for Africa at CIPE, and Moses Akidadi Injenga of the Vihiga chapter of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI-Vihiga), a winner of CIPE’s Africa Associations Innovations Contest, which aimed to celebrate and highlight business membership organizations in Africa who creatively and effectively responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

KNCCI-Vihiga is a chamber of commerce whose mission is to advocate for a business environment in which SMEs can thrive in Kenya’s Vihiga County. The national chamber (KNCCI) represents fifty thousand SMEs, with 47 branch chapters – one for each county in Kenya. The Vihiga chapter represents businesses in Vihiga county, which is located in rural western Kenya.

To support its community and member businesses during this difficult time, KNCCI-Vihiga came up with a contribution formula of food donations to support vulnerable and less fortunate community members from tough economic times. Throughout the pandemic, the chapter has advocated for policies to address the health crisis and support economic recovery.  

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