Egypt Team Launches Video Series Titled “The Corona Economy: Crisis and Opportunities”


The Corona Economy: Crisis and Opportunities

CIPE is pleased to announce the launch of a series of interviews produced by our Egypt team in conjunction with the young leaders of our Egypt Tomorrow Economic Forum on the impact of the coronavirus on the economy. Episodes are under the title “The Corona Economy: Crisis and Opportunities”.

As of to date, 8 episodes are featured on the CIPE Arabic website, and CIPE Arabia FB page.


Interview 1: with entrepreneur and ETEF member Hany Soliman, focuses on the leading role that the tech sector is playing in responding to the crisis.

Video and English transcription.

Interview 2: with Hany Tawfik, financial investor and founder of Egypt and Arab Private Equity Associations, on the monetary and fiscal policies to address current economic challenges

Video, and  English transcription

Interview 3: with Ziad BahaaElDin, former deputy prime minister for Economic Development, and Chairman of Thebes Legal advisors, on institutional reforms needed to mitigate the impact of the Crisis

Video, and English Transcript

Interview 4: with Ahmed Soltan, ETEF member, and board member of Sohag Business Association, on the situation in industrial zones in Upper Egypt, and the opportunities made possible through the Corona Crisis enabling small businesses to compete, as well as the role of associations and federations

Video, and English Transcript

Interview 5: with Abla Abdel-Latif, Executive Director and Director of Research at the Egypt leading think tank, the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies.  She has specific local antidotes to the economic crisis associated with COVID-19

Video, and English Transcript

Interview 6: Episode Six: The Economy & Public Safety: A One-Sided Concession or a Balancing Act?

Video, and English Transcript

Interview 7: Artificial Intelligence in Fight Against Coronavirus

Video, and English Transcript

Interview 8: The Food and Beverage Industry in the Time of Curfew

Video and English Transcript