Cartoonists Tackle Corruption


Cartoons demonstrate the ways in which visuals transcend language barriers, expressing ideas in a way that words often can’t. For the second year in a row, the U.S. Department of State’s electronic journal (EJ |USA) has featured winning cartoons from CIPE’s  Global Editorial Cartoon Competition.

Last year, EJ |USA featured semi-finalists from the corruption category in its Partnerships Against Corruption issue (shown below). As we celebrate the United Nation’s eighth International Anti-Corruption Day, we are reminded how cartoons show the ways in which combating corruption is universal – regardless of language, culture, or nationality. As second place winner Karim Rathor of Pakistan said, “Corruption is a severe problem not only in one country – it is the problem of the entire world.”

Ilya Katz, Israel

Karim Rathor, Pakistan

corruption3Guatama Polanki, India

This year, EJ |USA included finalists in the youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and democratic governance categories. Download the full journal and see the cartoons here.

Anna Dawson is Editorial Communications Assistant at CIPE.