Ukraine’s Future Tied to Strengthening Public Governance

Francis Fukuyama giving a lecture about case study methodology at the Leadership Academy for Development in Ukraine

Francis Fukuyama giving a lecture about case study methodology at the Leadership Academy for Development in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a resource rich country, an entrepreneurial country, a country filled with talented individuals who work hard for their families, but why do so many Ukrainian people live in poverty? The answer, perhaps, is public governance, or more precisely, a lack thereof.

To be clear, allow us first to define the words “public governance,” as we understand them. Simply put, public governance is the relationship of power among the government, civil society, and the market. Given the strong skepticism concerning democracy in nations near Ukraine, without improvement in the standard of living of Ukrainians, the Ukrainian people may soon lose their excitement about their own bustling and fledgling democracy. In short, Ukraine’s democracy must begin to deliver tangible benefits to its citizens.

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Democracy that Delivers Podcast #32: Gina Chon on Economic News from Around the World

Podcast guest Gina Chon (left) with hosts Julie Johnson and Ken Jaques.

Podcast guest Gina Chon (left) with hosts Julie Johnson and Ken Jaques.

On the Democracy That Delivers podcast this week, Thomson Reuters Breakingviews correspondent Gina Chon talks about reporting on economic news from around the world. Chon discusses the challenges journalists face in countries where gaining access to accurate economic information is difficult and where authoritarian governments attempt to control the news on the economy. Chon also talks about how she became a journalist, her experiences working overseas, and what excites her about the way journalism is evolving today.

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Also, watch a video of Chon participating as a panelist at a CIPE event on The State of Journalism Globally: How Authoritarian Regimes Control Information.

Democracy that Delivers Podcast #31: Kim Holmes Reflects on Democratic Development and the Evolution of American Political Thought

Guest Dr. Kim Holmes (center) with hosts Jennifer Anderson and Ken Jaques.

Guest Dr. Kim Holmes (center) with hosts Jennifer Anderson and Ken Jaques.

Dr. Kim Holmes, who recently returned to the CIPE Board of Directors after a 15 year hiatus, discusses how his views on democratic and economic development have evolved through the years. Holmes discusses specifically how his views on the role of economic development in conflict zones has changed and why. He also talks at length about his new book, The Closing of the Liberal Mind: How Groupthink and Intolerance Define the Left. This podcast is co-hosted by CIPE’s Communications Director Ken Jaques and Program Officer for South Asia Jennifer Anderson

 Learn more about Dr. Holmes and his work.

Disclaimer: The CIPE  Democracy That Delivers podcast encourages guests to freely discuss their experiences, ideas, and opinions. The views expressed by guests are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

Rebuilding Amidst Conflict, from Kosovo to Syria

Syrian Economic Forum students learning civic education in Syria.

Syrian Economic Forum students learning civic education in Syria.

The Syrian Economic Forum (SEF), an innovative think tank dedicated to strengthening the Syrian economy and promoting democratic and sustainable development is faced with an extraordinary challenge ahead. With nearly 5 million Syrian refugees and 6.6 million internally displaced persons, SEF must operate in an increasingly uncertain and volatile landscape, amidst a war that has ravaged the country and impaired both political and economic institutions. To rebuild Syrian society and empower a new generation that has suffered the consequences of war, SEF (based out of Gazientep, Turkey) has embarked on a campaign to create a new educational model focused on entrepreneurship, leadership, and civic engagement. This new model involves training and equipping youth with the knowledge and skills to be productive citizens and to re-imagine what it means to be a Syrian citizen. SEF has succeeded in becoming a leading voice for the Syrian private sector, even though managing a think tank amidst widespread conflict is a difficult task.

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Democracy that Delivers Podcast #30: Syrian Economic Forum on the Role of the Private Sector in Syria’s Reconstruction

SEF podcast Aug 18 2016

Syrian Economic Forum (SEF) Executive Director Tamman Al Baroudi (left) and SEF Chairman Ayman Tabbaa (right) with podcast co-host Stephen Rosenlund, Senior Program Officer for Middle East and North Africa at CIPE. Tabbaa, Baroudi and Rosenlund called in to the show (via Skype) from Gaziantep, Turkey.

Syrian Economic Forum Chairman Ayman Tabbaa and Executive Director Tamman Al Baroudi discuss the current situation in Syria and the role of the private sector in reconstructing the country. Tabbaa and Baroudi talk about their lives in Syria prior to the revolution, why they had to leave Syria, and their work today providing information and policy options to help with the current economic situation and to plan for the future.

Tabbaa and Baroudi speak candidly about how their lives have changed, dangers they have faced in pursuing their work to help build a future for Syria, and their concerns for Syria’s youth.

The Syrian Economic Forum is an independent think tank that gives voice to the pro-democracy Syrian business community.

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CIPE 2016 Photo Competition Now Open


The 2016 CIPE Photo Competition is now open! CIPE invites photo submissions from CIPE partner organizations from around the world to submit a photograph that captures the theme:

Leaders standing up for freedom and democracy exist in communities throughout the world

This competition seeks to highlight creative and inspiring visuals that demonstrate democratic leadership or individuals advocating for democratic values and reform, along with a caption that explains the impact this individual or organization has played in expanding freedom and democracy in their communities.

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2016.

For more information on competition guidelines and to submit your photo, check out the official competition page.

Democracy that Delivers Podcast #29: Leveraging Youth and Technology for Governance Reform


Panelists Maggie McDonough (on monitor), Gigi Raffo (center), and Blair Glencorse (right) with moderator Maiko Nakagaki.

International development organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of engaging youth in efforts to improve governance around the world. Youth in most societies are consistently more adept at using technology and recognizing its impact. Harnessing their energy and creativity to improve government policies and service delivery, through incorporating youth ideas and feedback, is a focus for a number of programs developed by CIPE and other organizations.

This week’s podcast is a recording of an event CIPE co-hosted yesterday with OpenGovHub.  The event was held in honor of International Youth Day, which took place on August 12.  The event was a panel discussion on the topic Leveraging Youth and Technology for Governance Reform. The discussion was moderated by CIPE’s Program Officer for Global Programs Maiko Nakagaki.

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