Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success

Guides & Tools | Karen Kerrigan, Daniel Cordova, Lynda de la Viña, Hernando De Soto, Ryan Patrick Garcia-Evangelista, Majdi Hassen, Robert Litan, Anna Kompanek, Jonathan Ortmans, John Murphy, Douglas Randall, Majid Shabbir, Andrew Sherman, John D. Sullivan, Kim Eric Bettcher

Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success is a special report that highlights the crucial environmental dimension of entrepreneurship ecosystems. Improving the conditions for entrepreneurship and leveling the playing field goes beyond the effort to help promising entrepreneurs. It expands the pool of potential entrepreneurs, builds incentives for entrepreneurship, eases the costs of doing business, and generates healthy competition. This report highlights several valuable lessons learned from a group of international experts, which helps illuminate the various components needed in order to create an effective entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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Published Date: January 01, 2014