CIPE’s Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organizations

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Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organizations is a handbook to assist business associations and civil society organizations in emerging markets and developing countries with conducting cost-benefit analyses of proposed policies or reforms, and to present their findings in ways that are easily understood by policymakers and the public.

In many countries, the government requires a Cost-Benefit Analysis for any policy proposal. In other countries, there is no such requirement and outside groups must conduct their own analysis. This guide will help organizations conduct their own CBAs when necessary, and also to critique and analyze CBAs conducted by other groups, namely the government.

This guide is intended for business organizations whose members are affected by government economic policies and often civil society organizations that advocate on policy issues, with a focus on organizations in developing countries. The guide develops a framework for understanding CBA concepts and explains the necessary steps to conduct a CBA.

Published Date: February 06, 2020