Best Practices Manual — Board of Directors Elections for Women’s Business Associations

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CIPE and its partner, Asociación Red Empresarias y Emprendedoras para el Desarrollo Sostenible (AREED), have worked together for several years to increase the capacity of women’s business associations across Central America through mentorship, strategic planning, and capacity building workshops. Women’s business associations play a crucial role in advocating for the rights and interests of women entrepreneurs and professionals. Central to the effectiveness of these associations is the composition of their boards of directors, which should reflect the diversity and inclusivity they champion. To ensure fair representation and promote transparency, it is essential to establish robust and equitable election processes. 

AREED, with support from CIPE, developed the “Best Practices Manual for Board of Directors Elections for Women’s Business Associations” which serves as a comprehensive guide, providing practical steps and valuable insights into conducting transparent elections. By sharing these best practices, the manual aims to equip women’s business associations with the necessary tools to foster an environment that encourages women to actively participate in leadership roles and contribute to decision-making processes. By implementing the suggested practices, associations can strengthen their credibility, foster inclusivity, and inspire other organizations to embrace diversity in their leadership ranks.  

Published Date: July 31, 2023