Advocacy, Coalition Building, and Public Private Dialogue

CIPE seeks to support the development of a diverse, dynamic and inclusive economy in Algeria, driven by the private sector, that can generate prosperity for citizens and create jobs, especially for youth. To that end, CIPE activities with local organizations focus on reform advocacy for a better business environment and helping business support organizations (BSOs) develop and deliver high-quality services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  

Between 2014 and 2017, with funding from the United States Department of State (US DoS), CIPE, and the think tank CARE (Cercle d’action et de réflexion autour des entreprises) held bottom-up consultations with businesspeople throughout the country that resulted in a National Business Agenda (NBA) with dozens of business-based recommendations to stimulate Algeria’s economy. An unprecedented coalition of 33 BSOs signed the NBA at a conference with almost 200 government, civic, and business leaders.  

A follow-on project, supported by US DoS and now closed, allowed CIPE and CARE to focus on one of the key NBA axes: access to finance. Activities sought to improve the financing ecosystem for small businesses. First, CARE and a group of business, government, and banking stakeholders collaborated on diversifying financing products for small businesses, eventually focusing on introducing factoring services to Algeria. CIPE also developed and piloted an access-to-finance course specifically tailored to small businesses in a growth stage. Lastly, CIPE provided Algerian business associations with technical assistance to help them better serve their members with finance-related services. CARE’s and CIPE’s work on small business factoring resulted in the inclusion of the service in Algeria’s national strategy in 2023 – a success that will pave the way for the service to be launched in the coming years in different banks. 

CIPE’s current project builds on these past efforts. CIPE is helping CARE to continue working with government, business, and civic allies to implement reforms that will help dynamize and diversify Algeria’s private sector, advocating access to small business financing and comprehensive and fair tax reform. CARE is also undertaking activities to educate the public on why these issues matter. These efforts help foster civic space and keep it dynamic, helping citizens collaborate with government while ensuring accountable and responsive policies to shape a positive future for Algeria.