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Central America Flyer

10.27.2021 | Regional & General Flyers
CIPE Overview  Populations in Central America are growing more quickly than the Latin America regional average. However, this trend isn’t translating into enough economic development and job creation. Corruption and the lack of sustained public policies by governments contributed to an overall la...

Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment Flyer 2021

07.26.2021 | Regional & General Flyers
Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment (CWEE) Women worldwide face legal and social barriers that limit full economic and political participation, including business ownership, property rights, and access to finance. The Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment (CWEE) advances gender equality in...

Women’s Business Resource Centers (WBRC) Flyer

07.26.2021 | Regional & General Flyers
Women’s Business Resource Centers (WBRC) A Women’s Business Resource Center (WBRC) is a safe space with childcare where women of various backgrounds can access educational opportunities and basic resources and receive mentoring and training from established entrepreneurs to start-up and grow the...

Women’s Business Agendas (WBA) Flyer

07.26.2021 | Regional & General Flyers
Women’s Business Agendas (WBA) A Women’s Business Agenda (WBA) is both an advocacy process and a product. The process is cyclical: convene businesswomen and their allies, build consensus on key issues and their respective priorities, develop policy prescriptions, advocate to policymakers, monito...

Women in Business Networking Flyer

07.26.2021 | Regional & General Flyers
Women in Business Networking CIPE promotes the establishment of informal and formal networks that build capacity and leadership of businesswomen in the country to drive changes that lead to economic empowerment. CIPE works through women’s chambers of commerce and business associations to provide t...

Corrosive & Constructive Capital Initiative Flyer

05.14.2021 | Regional & General Flyers
The Corrosive & Constructive Capital Initiative’s mission is to promote accountability, transparency, and resilient markets to generate economic growth and greater opportunity.   Building Better Markets: Corrosive vs Constructive Capital Foreign investment in emerging economies can le...

Infografías – Camaras de Comercio Medellín y Putumayo

11.17.2020 | Regional & General Flyers
On November 19, 2020, CIPE’s Latin America team held an event as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week titled “A Conversation with Colombia’s Chambers of Commerce.” The panelists included: Lina Vélez, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Medellin since 2002 Decci Ibarra, Exec...


07.29.2020 | Regional & General Flyers

This Is CIPE Flyer

02.20.2020 | Regional & General Flyers
CIPE overview flyer. Business-Led Solutions to Democratize Opportunity   CIPE operates in merging markets and fragile states to create new economic opportunities and democratic reforms citizens need. CIPE does this by partnering with the local private sector, governments, academia, and advocacy...

Center for Women’s Economic Empowerment Flyer

09.04.2019 | Regional & General Flyers
Democratizing Opportunity for Women Female entrepreneurs worldwide face barriers to business, including laws or policies that restrict their ability to own property, secure loans, and take goods to market. CIPE believes that equal participation by women in the economy strengthens both free markets a...

LIFE Project Flyer

09.03.2019 | Regional & General Flyers
Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship (LIFE) Project CIPE leads a consortium of international partners implementing the Livelihoods Innovation through Food Entrepreneurship (LIFE) project, funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM). ...

Entrepreneurship at CIPE

04.23.2019 | Regional & General Flyers
  CIPE helps entrepreneurs in emerging markets to improve ecosystems, expand opportunities, and gain a voice in policies that affect them. Working holistically, CIPE promotes an enabling environment for entrepreneurship that integrates multiple dimensions of entrepreneurship support. Committed...

Asia Think Tanks Flyer

12.07.2018 | Regional & General Flyers
  A regional network of think tanks, policy experts, and practitioners dedicated to the advancement of pro-growth economic policy and democratic governance as solutions to local, national and regional challenges. The facilitator for this network is the Center for International private Enterpri...

Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation Flyer

01.01.2018 | Regional & General Flyers
  WHO WE ARE The Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation is a unique public-private partnership dedicated to international trade facilitation. We are jointly led by the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Economic Forum and the Center for International Private Enterprise—in cooperati...

Introducing a risk-based pre-arrival customs process – KENYA

01.01.2018 | Regional & General Flyers
Kenya is already a key regional trade hub in East Africa, acting as a gateway for imports and exports to neighbouring landlocked countries. Yet without an effective risk-based pre-arrival process, traders and customs officials face lengthy, burdensome and unpredictable formalities at borders. ...

Introducing a risk-based pre-arrival customs process – GHANA

01.01.2018 | Regional & General Flyers
Ghana is already one of the largest economies in West Africa and an important hub for regional and international business. Yet without an effective risk-based pre-arrival process, customs have to physically inspect 100% of shipments while clearance times and requirements are unpredictable for trade...

Introducing a modern customs bond system for conditional release of goods – VIETNAM

01.01.2018 | Regional & General Flyers
To assist Vietnam with the decongestion of its ports, the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, working with both the government and the private sector, is implementing a modern system of conditional release of goods using customs bonds. As a result of this Project, Vietnam will become the first ...

Establishing a center for trade facilitation and good practices – COLOMBIA

01.01.2018 | Regional & General Flyers
With the cooperation of Colombian customs (DIAN) and the private sector, the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (the Alliance) is helping to establish a Center for Trade Facilitation and Good Practices (the Center) to process advance rulings on classification, valuation and origin affecting the...
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