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OverseasREPORT Summer 2014

07.02.2014 | Newsletter
Kiev, Ukraine – Over the last six months, the extraordinary political events in Ukraine have pushed the country to a new threshold in its history. The challenges and opportunities presented by an uncertain future have become everyday talk on the streets and in kiosks and homes around the country...

OverseasREPORT July 2015

07.15.2015 | Newsletter
Highlights: Mentorship programs build success of women entrepreneurs in Nicaragua and Serbia CIPE-sponsored forum highlights private sector role in curbing security threats in Mexico Neplai private sector and civil society shape post-earthquake reconstruction process Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT August 2015

08.25.2015 | Newsletter
Highlights: Pro-Democracy Groups Prevented from Participating in Community of Democracies Meeting Celebrating International Youth Day Tackling the Trash Crisis in Lebanon Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT September 2015

09.15.2015 | Newsletter
Highlights: CIPE Announces Winners of Global Photo Competition Anti-Corruption Compliance Guide Helps Indonesian Companies CIPE Encourages Citizen Engagement in Kenyan Government Budget Process Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT November 2015

11.24.2015 | Newsletter
Highlights: Senator Corker Headlines Capitol Hill Discussion on Trade Facilitation Afghani Business Community Releases Provincial Business Agenda CIPE Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT December 2015

12.22.2015 | Newsletter
Highlights: A Holiday Message from CIPE CIPE Expertise Highlighted in 2015 World Chambers Congress Report Blog Series Looks to Economic Integration for “Frozen” Conflicts Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT February 2016

03.15.2016 | Newsletter
Highlights: CIPE Executive Director John D. Sullivan Retires CIPE Launches “Democracy That Delivers” Podcast Politico Op-ed Outlines Real Reasons Behind Recent Moldova Protests Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT March 2016

04.01.2016 | Newsletter
Highlights: CIPE Supports Call for Greater Attention to Democracy and Human Rights CIPE Celebrates Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs CIPE Partner in Nepal Wins Asia Liberty Award Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT April 2016

05.01.2016 | Newsletter
Highlights: Fostering a Culture of Entrepreneurship in Bahrain New Guidebook Helps Business Associations Maximize Impact Experts in Democratic and Economic Reform Share Insights on new Podcast Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT May 2016

06.01.2016 | Newsletter
Highlights: Democratic Values are Business Values A Young Peruvian Entrepreneur’s Dream Becomes Reality Economic Opportunity Can Help Reduce Gender-Based Violence Read it here. ...
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