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Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief December 03 2020

12.03.2020 | Newsletters
Eurasia – Series of essays on the impact of COVID-19 and resilience of women entrepreneurs in Eurasia. Georgia – Blog on the impact of Georgia’s new labor reforms on the business community. Washington, D.C. – Launch of CIPE’s newest Integrity Guide for private companies. Read...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief November 19 2020

11.19.2020 | Newsletters
Moldova – Blog on lessons from establishing an Ethics and Compliance Club led by the American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova. Global – Podcast on the importance of business integrity for emerging markets. Global – Webinar on CIPE’s Anti-Corruption and Governance Center (ACGC) discus...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief November 05 2020

11.05.2020 | Newsletters
Ukraine – CIPE Partner in Ukraine, the Corporate Governance Professional Association (CGPA) succeeds in its mission during COVID-19. Ukraine – Highlights of impact of sub-national business advocacy efforts ahead of local elections in Ukraine. Read it here. ...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief October 22 2020

10.22.2020 | Newsletters
Eurasia – Launch event highlighting regional reports on the impact of joining the Eurasian Economic Union on business climates in Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. Ukraine – Natalia Zhuhay, CIPE Program Officer, discusses Ukrainian business trends in 2021 in a rec...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief October 08 2020

10.08.2020 | Newsletters
Western Balkans – Launch event of policy papers analyzing impact of Chinese investments in the Western Balkans. Moldova – Launch event of CIPE partner Alliance of Small Business of Moldova’s survey results on the impact of COVID-19. Slovakia – Launch of results of CIPE Slovak pa...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief September 24 2020

09.24.2020 | Newsletters
Ukraine – Event on impact of Russian investments that bypass of sanctions on the business climate in Ukraine. Ukraine – National Business Coalition advocates business priorities in Ukraine via Dialogue with Civil Society Forum. Global – Eric Hontz discusses the impact of COVID-19 ...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief September 14 2020

09.14.2020 | Newsletters
Ukraine – CIPE partner, Centre for Economic Strategy, holds an event on the impact of corrosive capital in Eastern Europe. Ukraine – CIPE’s flagship program, Leadership Academy for Development in Ukraine (LADU), launches in a virtual format. Read it here. ...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief August 14 2020

08.14.2020 | Newsletters
North Macedonia – Launch of a mentorship program for entrepreneurs in North Macedonia. Ukraine – Compliance trainings with CIPE partner in Ukraine, the Corporate Governance Professional Association (CGPA). Read it here. ...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief July 30 2020

07.30.2020 | Newsletters
Ukraine – Dmytro Goriunov, Senior Economist at Center for Economic Strategy, speaks on the impact of Chinese economic influence in Ukraine in a recent article. Lithuania – Clear Wave in Lithuania helps business leaders practice integrity and transparency. Global – Virtual events t...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief July 10 2020

07.10.2020 | Newsletters
Ukraine – Launch of new YouTube Series, Dialogue for Reforms, by CIPE Ukraine field office. Washington, D.C.- Event on ethics and compliance with Dr. Silvija Vig from Croatia. Washington, D.C. – CIPE’s new guide on think tanks collaboration with the business community. Read it here. ...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief June 19 2020

06.19.2020 | Newsletters
CIPE staff publishes regional resources on how countries are handling the economic impact of COVID-19. CIPE partners publish regional studies on economic transparency in Moldova and Serbia. Read it here. ...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief June 05 2020

06.05.2020 | Newsletters
Ukraine – CIPE contribution to the Businesswoman 2020 International Forum in Ukraine. Washington, D.C. – Darina Regio, Associate Program Officer, publishes a blog on how businesses are adapting to the COVID-19 environment. Read it here. ...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief

05.20.2020 | Newsletters
May 20 2020 Washington, D.C. – CIPE hosts an event on corporate governance policies in a post-pandemic world. Ukraine – Ukrainian business advocates its reform priorities with the parliament. Read it here. May 06 2020 CIPE moderates a discussion on integrity and compliance in Eastern ...

Europe & Eurasia Biweekly News Brief May 06 2020

05.06.2020 | Newsletters
CIPE moderates a discussion on integrity and compliance in Eastern Europe. Ukraine – Communications training to bolster the role of business associations in Ukraine Ukraine – Online training for civil servants on public-private reform cooperation. Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT Winter 2018

04.02.2018 | Newsletters
Highlights: Bolstering Democracy in Burkina Faso Empowering Women through Economic Opportunities Strengthening Democracy with Leadership Training Read it here.

OverseasREPORT August 2017

09.07.2017 | Newsletters
Highlights: Confronting Corruption in Asia’s New Democracies Teaming Up to Achieve Economic Reform in Algeria Transforming Informal Artisans into Entrepreneurs in South Asia Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT January/February 2017

02.24.2017 | Newsletters
Highlights: Defending Liberal Democracy in Emerging Markets New Website Assists Humanitarian Aid Delivery in Yemen Encouraging Citizen Participation in Moldova’s Presidential Debate Read it here.  ...

OverseasREPORT November/December 2016

12.09.2016 | Newsletters
Highlights: Increasing Opportunity for Women in Papua New Guinea CIPE Partner Tackles Inefficiency and Corruption in Nigerians Ports The Power of Entrepreneurship Celebrated Worldwide Read it here. ...

OverseasREPORT September 2016

10.05.2016 | Newsletters
Highlights: CIPE Releases Fully Digital Annual Report With Enhanced Visitor Experience Cashless Economy Boosts Egyptian Economic Growth CIPE Co-hosts Youth Day Event on Technology and Governance Read it here.  ...

OverseasREPORT July 2016

08.01.2016 | Newsletters
Highlights: China’s Regime Uses Anti-Corruption Campaign to Consolidate Power Ukraine Entrepreneurs Reopening and Expanding Business in Donbas PRIME Institute Releases Scorecard, Highlights Government Failures Read it here. ...
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