New Approaches for Effective Investment Screening


When properly designed and transparently implemented, investment screening mechanisms can be a useful tool at mitigating the effects of corrosive capital and its risks to national security from authoritarian actors. Yet there are also risks that investment screening mechanisms can be designed without proper consultation with the private sector or misused to distort economies or create advantages for well-connected businesses.

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) works to strengthen the awareness and engagement of private sector actors around the world on topics of investment transparency to ensure that business is a consulted and active stakeholder in helping to achieve effective investment screening mechanisms.

CIPE primarily works with economic think tanks, business associations, and chambers of commerce and supports their activities in three key ways:

  1. Providing thought leadership on the topic of 1 investment screening and economic security
    and its implications for business.
  2. Supporting the capacity of economic think tanks and business associations to engage in transparent dialogue with public officials on the topic of investment screening.
  3. Facilitating international convenings and knowledge sharing exchanges from business and policy leaders to exchange best practices and lessons learned on investment screening.

Published Date: October 09, 2023