Galvanizing the Private Sector as Partners in Combating Corruption


In today’s fast-paced world marked by unprecedented challenges, there has never been a greater need for businesses and governments to perform their work with integrity. Amidst global transformations like the digital revolution, the shift toward a low-carbon economy, and a highstakes geopolitical environment, successful organizations are consistently those that practice ethics, accountability, and transparency. Since integrity is foundational to both functioning markets and healthy societies, business integrity generates virtuous cycles that benefit employers, employees, and the global community.

By reducing losses to corruption and crime, business integrity also stimulates economic growth, strengthens trust between stakeholders, and levels the economic playing field. Through its “Galvanizing the Private Sector as Partners in Combating Corruption” initiative (GPS), the U.S. Department of State is making its largest-ever investment in strengthening global business integrity. In tandem with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), CIPE’s Anti-Corruption and Governance Center is expanding the initiative globally and intensifying local activities to combat corruption.

Published Date: March 28, 2024