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CIPE Participation at the CAAP Event Highlighted in Armenian News Article

09.24.2019 | CIPE in News
Read the original article here  Corporación América Airports International Compliance and Anti-Corruption Congress 2019 has been held The event “Corporación América Airports (CAAP) International Compliance and Anti-Corruption Congress 2019” entitled “A Sustainable Way to Transparency in t...

Board Member Karen Kerrigan Mentioned in Small Biz Daily

09.16.2019 | CIPE in News
Read the full article on Small Biz Daily by Rieva Lesonsky. Tame the “Tech Beast,” Online Advertising Saves Money, Dos & Don’ts of Corporate Gift Giving and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know   Below is the section highlighting Karen Kerrigan’s comments on the many benefit...

CIPE’s Eric Hontz Interviewed for VOA on Ukraine-China Relations

08.30.2019 | CIPE in News
China’s Motor Sich sale harms Ukraine’s national interests and its defense market – US experts In a recent segment on Voice of America’s Ukraine service CIPE Senior Program Officer Eric Hontz notes that the sale of a leading aerospace firm to a Chinese investor with an opaque hol...

Coverage in Washington Post on CIPE Board Member’s New Appointment in CSIS

08.20.2019 | CIPE in News
CIPE Board of Directors member Bill Reinsch will serve as one of the project directors for the newly announced CSIS Commission on Affirming American Leadership, which is highlighted in a recent Washington Post editorial. The CSIS press release announcement link and the full article can be found belo...

Executive Director Andrew Wilson Quoted in Forbes

08.20.2019 | CIPE in News
    CIPE’s Executive Director, Andrew Wilson, was quoted in a Forbes article on the topic of smart cities. The section he is quoted in can be found below. Read the full article by author Brian Peccarelli.      Mind the Governance Gap One of the most insightful views on th...

CIPE’s Eric Hontz Interviewed for VOA on Ukraine-Russia Relations

08.19.2019 | CIPE in News
Experts in the US outline Zelenskiy’s advantages over Putin. CIPE Senior Program Officer for Europe and Eurasia, Eric Hontz, noted that President Zelenskiy’s decision to remove intermediaries and deal directly with Russia in the Normandy format was a smart move on the part of the President. ...

PNG Post-Courrier Mentions

08.19.2019 | CIPE in News
The following news articles were originally published on the Papua New Guinea Post Courier, and mention CIPE Executive Director Andrew Wilson. To read all of the original articles, see below: Defending Democracy In Nations Good Governance in the Pacific Tops Hawaii Forum Citizens Must Exercise Their...

Passing of William (Bill) Kanaga

08.03.2019 | CIPE in News
Condolences to the family of democracy champion Bill Kanaga, former Chairman of CIPE and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Kanaga, who passed in late July at the age of 93,  was a leading voice in global business and the democracy community in the 1980s and 90s. Kanaga’s legacy includes CIPE progra...

IDEAS Malaysia Program

07.19.2019 | CIPE in News
Pakatan Harapan’s 4 unrealistic manifesto promises — IDEAS   As Malaysia moves into a new era, this CIPE-supported program to foster government accountability is making headlines. Read the article here. This article first appeared in The Edge Financial Daily, on July 1, 2019.   KUALA ...

Meet the New Platform My Tax Developed by Talas

05.17.2019 | CIPE in News
This news update was originally published on the Talas website.   From now on, the new MOJ POREZ platform offers you a quick, easy and easy way to determine how much tax you pay to your country during the year and how your tax expires. Responding to just a few anonymous questions about your in...

Why We Can’t Get Enough of Ukraine

05.06.2019 | CIPE in News | Francis Fukuyama
This article originally appeared on the Atlantic Council.    The impact one can have on building institutions like the modern state, the rule of law, and democracy is limited. The area where it’s easiest is the third category, building democracy. The first two, building the modern state an...

Eric Hontz: Welcome to post-, post- Soviet Ukraine

05.03.2019 | CIPE in News | Eric Hontz, Caroline Elkin
This article originally appeared in the Kyiv Post.      The election of Volodomyr Zelenskiy marks a generational change in power in Ukraine. It is now a post-post-Soviet world. At age 41, President-elect Zelenskiy spent the majority of his school years in an independent Ukraine. His worl...

Eric Hontz Interviewed for Voice of America on Ukrainian Election

05.02.2019 | CIPE in News | Eric Hontz
American experts appreciated Zelensky’s chances of resisting Putin. CIPE Senior Program Officer Eric Hontz is interviewed about the Ukrainian election results on Voice of America (VOA), alongside the President of the International Republican Institute (IRI) Daniel Twining. Watch the interview...

CIPE Corrosive Capital Report Highlighted in Fox News Editorial

02.04.2019 | CIPE in News | James Jay Carafano
This Opinion piece by James Jay Carafano of the Heritage Foundation originally appeared on Fox News. Read the original article here.   Everyone finally agrees China can’t be allowed to take over the world Oh my, how times have changed. Huawei executives doing the perp walk. American univ...

Blog by Regional Director Published on FCPA Blog

01.16.2019 | CIPE in News | Natalia Otel Belan, Yulia Glubokaya
  This blog originally appeared on the FCPA Blog.    Armenian businesses commit to compliance Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets in Eurasia must demonstrate the ability to assess and mitigate corruption risks in order to do business with multinational firms. The vas...
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