CIPE’s Work in Central America

10.27.2021 | Flyer

CIPE Overview 

Populations in Central America are growing more quickly than the Latin America regional average. However, this trend isn’t translating into enough economic development and job creation. Corruption and the lack of sustained public policies by governments contributed to an overall lack of economic opportunities, in particular for the most vulnerable and marginalized groups. For example, the Northern Triangle faces widespread corruption and citizen disengagement and a lack of economic opportunities is forcing people to leave. CIPE is addressing the economic and governance challenges in the region through bold, community-led, and creative projects that engage and connect women entrepreneurs, youth, the indigenous business sector and political institutions to help build a culture of democracy and economic opportunities. These initiatives are tackling some of the root causes of migration by helping support entrepreneurs in their communities and empower local civil society and the private sector to drive much needed reforms.