Asia and the Pacific Flyer

12.31.2015 | Regional & General Flyers

Regional Overview

Challenges to democracy vary widely across countries in East and South East Asia, as does CIPE’s approach. In new, struggling, and transition democracies, CIPE projects target the institutional weaknesses that underlie political instability, such as corruption, governance, rule of law, and opaque policymaking processes. In countries making democratic progress, CIPE helps democracy deliver by improving government performance, thereby making deviations from their positive trajectories less likely. In closed political systems, CIPE facilitates the spread of the marketplace of ideas, creates space and opportunities for free association, and empowers at-risk populations with knowledge of their legal rights and protections.

Throughout the region, CIPE works to promote democratic societies and private sector led economies, to strengthen civil society, and to cultivate public demand for good governance and political accountability.