Frequently Asked Questions

This section specifically refers to question on the Grants Application Process.


Question: Does CIPE have a limit on the size of projects it will fund?

Answer: CIPE has no maximum or minimum grant amounts; however, applicants should not propose projects which cannot reasonably be supported by their existing administrative structure or which can be sustained only with continued CIPE funding. Projects should be designed in proportion to the applicant’s current level of program activity and staff and should not exceed 25-30 percent of the organization’s annual operating budget. The applicant should include a strategy for assuming the full cost of sustaining the project when CIPE funding is no longer available.


Question: Does CIPE expect the applicant to pay part of the project costs?

Answer: Yes. CIPE gives priority to proposals which include matching contributions from the applicant or other sources. Applicants are expected to explain fund-raising strategies and to identify other potential and/or committed sources of support for the proposed project.


Question: How long will CIPE continue to provide funding for a project?

Answer: Each request for additional support of an ongoing project will be reviewed on its own merit; a grant awarded for one year does not commit CIPE to support in future years. Applicants should take this into consideration when planning how long it will take them to assume full responsibility for supporting a project started under a CIPE grant.


Question: What kind of financial records will be expected if a CIPE grant is awarded?

Answer: Recipients of CIPE grants are required to keep detailed, accurate records and documentation of how CIPE grant monies are disbursed. It is recommended that each proposal budget include a line to cover any additional accounting or bookkeeping costs which may be necessary. CIPE may commission audits of individual grant projects by independent accounting firms.


Question: Are there any projects, activities or expenses that should not be included in a request to CIPE?

Answer: Yes. CIPE does not fund commercial operations, trade and investment promotions, revolving credit funds, the establishment of new organizations or partisan political activity. Also, the costs of fund-raising activities, entertainment expenses, alcoholic beverages, donations, fines and interest are not allowed under CIPE grants.


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