Women’s Entrepreneurship: Giving Women a Voice through Economic Empowerment

10.19.2015, 2:00PM to 4:00PM

Innovation and jobs created by women entrepreneurs are vital to economic growth worldwide. What is equally important is that entrepreneurial success by women also leads to their greater democratic participation in national and regional governance. Female entrepreneurs and businesswomen from all over the world often remark that their contribution to and influence in the governance of their countries increased greatly when they joined the workforce or started a business and became an active contributor to the economy.

CIPE hosted a panel discussion on how supporting women entrepreneurs strengthens female participation in community decision-making and policy development. Our panelists provided their personal insights into how economic empowerment provided them with the skills and access to advocate, influence policymaking, and contribute to democratic processes.


  • Selima Ahmad, Founder of the Bangladesh Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Karen Kerrigan, President & CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council; Member of CIPE’s Board of Directors
  • Marina Stadthagen, Executive Director, Red de Empresarias de Nicaragua (Network of Nicaraguan Businesswomen)
  • Jennifer Anderson, Senior Program Officer for South Asia at CIPE, moderator

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