Unpacking Urban: Towards Livable, Resilient, and Competitive Cities

10.20.2021, 1:30AM

— Event in partnership with the Institute for Solidarity in Asia and Philstar. —

The world has witnessed a rapid increase in rates of urbanization for the last five decades. The UN World Urbanization Prospects reported that more than four billion people were living in urban settings in 2020, with a 51.95 million (47.41%) share of people in the Philippines. By 2050, it was projected that 68 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas, posing a great challenge to over 93 million people in the Philippines alone in achieving sustainable urban development.

While the ongoing pandemic exposed the urban vulnerability of cities, it also offers the opportunity to create more effective and resilient local and national systems. There is an urgent need to rethink and transform cities to respond to potential future crises and develop innovative solutions. In this webinar, we shall unpack the promises and challenges of future cities in a pandemic-stricken world. We shall underscore the need to reimagine, refocus, and identify how we can respond to the challenge of livable cities. Furthermore, we hope to create a synergy of recovery and remodeling by learning from experts as we rebuild communities for a brighter future.

Should you have any questions regarding the webinar, please contact Mishka Cordero (mcordero@isacenter.org | 0917 890 8780) or Srujana Penumetcha (spenumetcha@cipe.org | Skype: srujana.pen).


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