UN IGF 2021: “Connecting Democracy and Internet Governance Advocates”

12.7.2021, 6:45AM

Come to this networking session to connect with others working at the intersection of democracy and internet governance. As a technological platform, the internet offers incredible potential in terms of strengthening democratic processes worldwide. Yet, over the past decade, there has been a global decline in internet freedom. How can we better collaborate to counter this decline and make sure that internet governance initiatives keep the online space democratic and open? Anyone who is interested in how global internet governance can help foster democracy both online and off should attend this networking session.

This session is being coordinated by the Open Internet for Democracy initiative. The initiative’s goal is to build a network of open internet advocates who champion democratic values that should guide the future development of the internet. For more information, visit the initiative website at https://openinternet.global

Everyone who participates in this networking session will be expected to actively participate in the small breakout groups by introducing themselves, sharing a little about their work, and explaining their interest in the intersection of democracy and internet governance.

Find out more about the session here.

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