Shaping Regulations to Promote Business Resiliency in the Digital Economy

9.23.2021, 9:00AM

As we look toward economic recovery post-pandemic, significant global policy actions may be needed to ensure inclusive and widespread revitalization. What changes will be required to ensure a more resilient business climate in the future? In this webinar, experts from the Kroll Institute, the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS), and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) will explore the impact of the pandemic on the digital economy and how global regulations may assist in ensuring future growth.

Moderator: Louisa Tomar, Senior Program Officer, Global, CIPE


  • Felippa Amanta, Head of Research, Center for Indonesian Policy Studies
  • Efraim Chalamish, Kroll Institute Fellow, Senior Advisor and leader of the firm’s Israel practice, Kroll
  • Ken Joseph, Managing Director, Financial Services Compliance and Regulation, Kroll