Property Rights and Markets: Key Building Blocks of an Equitable Post-COVID Recovery

5.7.2020, 9:00AM

The COVID-19 exposed the vulnerability of small- and medium-sized businesses as well as that of millions of families without secure tenure or adequate housing globally. As they struggle to remain afloat, the issue of lacking or insecure property rights has come to the fore, adding to the challenges of recovery but also as a key priority for post-crisis reform. In particular, women traders in the informal sector have seen dispossession and harassment in large part due to the lack of secure property rights and weak rule of law. To be meaningful, property rights require a host of legal frameworks and institutions that make transactions possible and ensure that the rights themselves are well defined and part of a larger property markets ecosystem. Please join the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and a panel of expert speakers to discuss best practices and challenges in making property rights broadly accessible and economically transformative, especially for women and marginalized groups:

  • Bill Endsley, Principal at the World Citizen Consulting and the former Secretary General of the International Real Estate Federation’s US Chapter (FIABCI-USA)
  • Judith Hermanson, President & CEO of IHC Global (formerly the International Housing Coalition)

We will also discuss the recently relaunched website of the International Property Markets Scorecard, a systems analysis tool jointly developed by CIPE and IHC Global to provide an actionable snapshot of the institutional components of a property market. The Scorecard tool can now be more easily used by in-country reformers, international policy advisors, the donor community, and global property market analysts to understand market conditions, evaluate risks, and identify key areas for reform.