Private Sector Advocacy in a Time of Crisis

6.24.2020, 9:00AM

Rachel Muthoga, a private sector advocacy expert based in Kenya, discusses the adaptation of advocacy efforts in a virtual capacity during COVID-19. She discusses the importance of adapting advocacy strategies, building relationships, and submitting proposals in the new virtual environment.

Rachel is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, with over 15 years’ experience. She graduated with her Law degree from the University of Nairobi and earned her Master of Laws studies in International Legal Studies at Georgetown University as an awardee of the Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) Award. She was admitted to the bar as an advocate of the High Court of Kenya in May 2006. She is the immediate former Deputy Director at the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) Kenya’s apex private sector advocacy association. Prior to this she was the Director at Moving the Goalposts, an organisation on the Kenyan Coast where she led the work on advocacy for the rights of girls and young women to reproductive health, economic empowerment and financial inclusion. Immediately before this position she was the Country Director at Physicians for Human Rights, an organization focusing on justice for victims of sexual violence in conflict. She is currently in private practice working as a consultant in the field of private sector policy advocacy. She is a Director at the Wezesha Biashara Network, an institution that serves SME’s with business support and advocacy.

She was awarded the Trophy for Africa by the International Olympics Committee in 2018 and recognized by the Business Daily as Top 40 under 40 in 2015.