Future of Work: Labor Markets and Covid-19 in Colombia

11.17.2020, 4:00PM to 5:00PM

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Covid-19 has changed the world we live in, particularly in how millions around the world are able to make a living. In Latin America, like many other places, the challenges brought by the pandemic have intensified the labor market challenges in the short-term and increased potential for seismic shifts in the near and long-term future. Making sense of the trajectory and identifying policy solutions to mitigate the negative impacts on employment requires serious understanding of the labor market conditions and prognostication for the months and years ahead.

In Colombia, Fedesarrollo has been working for 50 years, researching, and understanding the dynamics of the Colombian economy. With their half-century anniversary falling amid the pandemic, Fedesarrollo is still in the vanguard delivering timely research and ideas to kickstart Colombia’s economy, with expanded labor market participation and greater inclusion in the formal economy.

The Future of Work initiative will examine how Covid-19 is challenging Latin America and identify innovative approaches toward sustainable and inclusive economic growth.


  • Cristina Fernandez is a Senior Researcher with Fedesarrollo. She is an economist with master’s degrees from the Universidad de los Andes and NYU. She has worked as a country economist in South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, and Maldives) with the IFC; in Honduras with the IDB, and Colombia and Brazil, with the CAF. In addition to supervising the macroeconomic and risk situation and actively participating in the preparation of country strategies, she carried out research on monetary and exchange policy, trade, and financial services. Previously, she worked at the Central Bank of Colombia as Advisor to the General Manager and as a researcher, and at Fedesarrollo, as a research assistant.
  • Ernesto Borda is the CEO of Trust, a leading consulting firm employed in the design and execution of solutions to complex socio-political problems, with offices in Colombia and Mexico and operations throughout Latin America. For more than twenty years, Borda has studied armed conflicts and has actively participated in peace negotiation processes. He was Principal Political Advisor to the United Nations for the peace processes in Central America and worked in humanitarian assistance programs for communities at risk. He directed the Institute of Human Rights and International Relations of the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá, was Director of Promotion and Dissemination of Human Rights of the Ombudsman for the People of Colombia, and worked as an expert in Human Rights and Conflicts for the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights. Borda is a columnist and author of several specialized publications, including comparative studies of transitional justice instruments.

This event, organized by the Latin America and the Caribbean regional division of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), will be moderated by Latin America Regional Director John Zemko. It will also include ample time for audience participation, so please come prepared to ask questions.

This webinar will be broadcast on Zoom, details on how to access the webinar will be include at the bottom of your confirmation email. This event will be presented simultaneously in Spanish and English.