Democratic Transitions: Navigating Citizen’s Economic and Political Expectations

3.31.2022, 10:00AM


About the Event

What lessons can be learned from democratic and market transitions? How do local champions overcome distrust in public institutions and private sector to strengthen democracy and promote private enterprise? What conditions enable partnerships to form across sectors and advocate for change?

To enable business leaders to effectively frame reform messages around economic and political priorities in Ukraine, Tunisia, and Bolivia, the Center for International Private Enterprise created local market transition hubs (known as the HUBS project). The local hubs coordinate stakeholder outreach to identify politically viable, inclusive economic reforms; frame the case for reform; and embed the knowledge in reform coalitions.

CIPE’s Policy and Program Learning (PPL) unit also implemented a survey to capture public perception on economic and social reforms, democratic governance, as well as the role of the private sector in the ongoing reform. The survey results are used by CIPE partners on the ground to frame the message and build coalitions with private business and other stakeholders to advocate with government. Findings from HUBS surveys were explored in this online workshop, with presentations from CIPE partners: ELKA Consulting from Tunisia, SUP from Ukraine, and Cies Mori from Bolivia as well as three CIPE experts with longtime regional experience and functional knowledge of transition markets.


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