Conducting a Risk Assessment for Money Laundering

7.8.2020, 9:00AM

CIPE Africa welcomes guest presenter Jim Wright, an anti-money laundering specialist, to discuss how to perform a risk assessment for money laundering for your organization. Jim will be taking a deep dive into money laundering and detail necessary procedures to conduct these risk assessments. In the context of COVID-19, Jim’s webinar is timely to ensure funds designated for pandemic response reach their intended destination.

James Wright is an anti-money laundering specialist who has worked in 28 countries, including 6 African countries advising governments and businesses on the problem of money laundering. Money laundering has importance for the business community because it both facilitates crimes and has a profound impact on competition, the economy, and a country’s ability to meet the health, education social needs of its citizens. CIPE is presenting on the actions African countries can take to address money laundering.