Building Communications Skills Using Online Apps

5.13.2020, 9:00AM

Listen to this presentation from CIPE communications expert, Grace Nzou, on identifying useful applications for external business communications. Grace identifies important and useful applications in the marketplace and discusses appropriate applications and use cases for a range of audiences.


Who is Grace Nzou? Grace Nzou is a seasoned public relations and communications professional with over 14 years’ experience. As a co-founder of Niusline Media Limited, she manages a broad range of communications and public relations issues for public and private sector clients in many fields. Niusline Media is a communication firm that offers public relations, and content development Services. Grace regularly conducts communications trainings, on media relations, internal communication, donor relations, and media advocacy for BMOs’, NGOs’, SMEs’ and corporate clients. Her trainings are rated very highly even on cross-cultural platforms.