Associations’ Role in Facilitating Constructive Capital

7.13.2020, 9:00AM

Constructive capital is drawn to markets where associations of like-minded people and businesses pursue their interests, advocate for change, and create a culture (or community) around an industry or topic. Business associations and professional standards groups, from independent and voluntary chambers of commerce to sector- or profession-based groups, reinforce the positive attributes of markets by working with government to develop effective regulations, identify barriers to competitiveness, and create industry-led standards. Groups of professionals, from accountants to corporate secretaries, foster cultures of high standards in their industries and professions, and share best practices. These associations play a vital role as a bridge between the private sector and their governments, highlighting the benefits of constructive capital and the dangers of corrosive capital.


Victor Ogalo, Head of Policy and Research Analysis and Public-Private Dialogue, Kenya Private Sector Alliance

Greta Kotler, CAE, Chief Global Development & Credentialing Officer, ASAE

Dr. Dureid Mahasneh, Chairman, EDAMA Association, Jordan

Stephen Rosenlund, CAE, Deputy Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, CIPE (Moderator)