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Opening Up The Economy…In India

India continues to take the necessary step to integrate into the global economy.  The latest move is liberalization of the retail market to allow foreign investors to open their own retail outlets.  Although not all restrictions are being lifted at this point and some pre-conditions remain in plac...

Illusion of Price Controls

There is a nice article in the China Daily on government's efforts to establish price controls to keep natural gas prices in check. The problem - rising prices of liquefied natural gas.  The solution - introduce the legislation strengthening price controls.  The result - ...government efforts h...

Who Is More Productive? And Why?

Asian economies and the E.U. newcomers are becoming more efficient and higher efficiency is translating into higher incomes, with China and Poland leading the way, according to the new Conference Board survey, reports the Financial Times. The strong performance of China and other Asian economies in...

The Sins of Wages

Alex beat me to the punch slightly with his post earlier today, but here’s more interesting information on China.    As Alex indicates in his post, productivity in China is growing by leaps and bounds.  However, the economy also has many problems, exacerbated by the Chinese government̵...

Evolving Corporate Governance in China

Since the late 1980s, China's state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have been undergoing a gradual process of transformation and privatization known as gaizhi. The government has reduced its share in smaller SOEs to as little as 10%. It has also introduced new governance mechanisms for both privatized and ...

Demographics, Economic Growth, and China

The Economist has an interesting article on declining populations.  Clearly, there is a demographic problem (and I was really surprised by some of the numbers), The shrinkage of Russia and eastern Europe is familiar, though not perhaps the scale of it: Russia's population is expected to fall by 22...

To Eradicate or Not to Eradicate? That is the Question.

There has been increased focus recently on the subject of the prevalence of opium production in Afghanistan and the commitment and effectiveness (or lack thereof) of efforts to combat it by both the Afghan government and coalition forces operating in that country.  Newsweek magazine recently publis...

Combating Corruption: China’s Latest Initiative

It seems that executions of public officials for taking bribes in China are doing little to deter corruption there.  As corruption remains rampant, the country continues to search for ways to get it under control.  The latest initiative - a public website, where citizens can expose corrupt gove...

Corruption or Death?

Recent economic liberalization and expansion has brought China face to face with a new issue that threatens to undermine much of the progress made over the last five years – corruption. In November, the Los Angeles Times reported on the estimated one million illegal land seizures that took place i...

Interview with CIPE’s Pakistan Country Director

I wanted to highlight a recent interview with Moin Fudda, CIPE’s country director in Pakistan. The interview appeared in the weekly magazine “Investors” published by The International News, which Moin describes as the largest circulation international daily in Pakistan. The article...
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