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The War on Poverty…in Africa

Kurt Hoffman of the Shell Foundation shares his views on combating poverty, leaving a place for charity as an important part of addressing immediate needs but putting emphasis on economic growth as an ultimate solution. Charity can undoubtedly be used to relieve suffering, educate children, provide ...

On Corruption in Africa

The Institute of Public Policy Analysis in Nigeria is soon to release a report on corruption (in its February Newsletter), which suggests that foreign aid contributes to the problem as elites skim off their portion at every level. Dr. Kasper, the author of the report, argues that 'corruption is a bl...

Help Africa Help Itself

Is "doubling aid and forgiving debt" a good strategy for eliminating poverty in Africa?  Bill Easterly certainly doesn't think so.  He argues that such a strategy is not enough for getting the continent on the path of economic growth and prosperity in his op-ed in the Washington Post.  The title ...

Starting a Business in Africa

African entrepreneurs share their stories on starting a business on the BBC website.   There are some very interesting on-the-ground experiences, from good I think Ethiopia must be the best and the easiest place to start a business today. Yes it used to be very hard to start a business in Ethiopia...

Ineffective Public Projects

This week Sudan is hosting the African Union Summit. The African Union is a regional effort to bring together the resources of African nations to combat poverty and help African economies join the global economy.  It looks like Sudan has been preparing for the summit, clearing the streets of the i...

On Microfinance in Africa…And Elsewhere

Many discussions on economic development today center on supporting the development of small and medium enterprises.  This is understandable, since small business constitutes a very significant share of economic activity in developed and successful transitioning economies.  “Think small...

Signs of Change in Congo

This weekend citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo voted in a national referendum on a new constitution. According to the reports, the constitution will set up elections of the president in 2006 (first in decades), limit the number of terms the president can serve, and will decentralize po...

Putting an End to Corruption in Mozambique

The Mozambican government is taking a stand against corruption – and it seems that its moving in the right direction, at least according to the strategy document it released yesterday. The strategy recognizes that low wages of government officials are not the source of corruption, rather it is the...
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